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Monday, September 17, 2012

After reading an amazing book called What I Wore by Jessica Quirk, I took A LOT of notes and learned it was very necessary to redo my entire wardrobe.  I didn't have to throw everything out and start from scratch but I did have to buy a lot of new stuff. 

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 Here's what I did:

1. Made a List
I made a list of all the basic items I Need in my core color (Black) and then all the items I need in my secondary colors (Pinks, purple, and bright blues and greens).  I also made notes of what shoes, scarves, belts, and tights I'd need. 

2. Take Stock
I went through my closet and crossed off anything I already had then kept whatever I still needed on the list.

3. Shopping
I went shopping and after about $300 and 3 stores (TJ Maxx, Marshalls, Target) I had most of what I would need covered.  I also got Fall only items.

4. Redoing my closet.
I took everything out and laid it on the bed, just as Jessica said in her book...
I noticed I had SO MANY grey items so I had to purge a lot of those that won't go with much else.  I asked myself if I wore certain things, and things that I hadn't because they didn't fit well, made me feel awkward, or just never had the tags removed, I put into my donate pile.  I decided to hang my skinny jeans and skirts, thus freeing up a dresser drawer which now has tshirts in it. No need to waste closet space with those!

5. After I purged, I sorted things into categories and then, because things get squished in my closet, I color coded everything with labels on the hangers.  It was crazy but it makes it so much easier for me to see everything.

I can't believe how much extra space I have now and I don't feel overwhelmed when picking out an outfit.

Because I didn't want to shock my coworkers when I come in all fancy looking, I am keeping it simple at first.  Plus, it's in between seasons so it's chilly in the AM but warm the rest of the day.

So today I wore...

Black crop pants with zippers from NY & Co.
Blue top from Body central
Black thin jacket from TJ Maxx.
Black flats from Target.

I feel great and have already gotten some complements on my new look!
Please excuse my awkward leaning backwards and my fully loaded bags and hands being full. I took this in the AM on my way out of the restroom in my building!
I'll be sure to show you pictures from my everyday looks!

Do you have any recommended fashion book reads?

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