Lillie Designs at Philly Fashion Week

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

I had never even heard of Lillie Designs before but when that line hit the runway I was in awe.  I normally don't care for neutral colors but I was impressed right off the bat. 

Lillie Designs had some great casual dresses and fabulous lacy prints!

They really won me over with the fantastic pants in the dress suits.  That's something I really am fond of this year.  The frilly dresses gave a very feminine touch to this line.  I heard someone describe these as "Uppity cocktail dresses".  That's true! They were very classy and reminded me of something I wish I could have pulled off with cocktail dresses in the past.

The flare head pieces had me in awe once again and overall, Lillie Designs stuck out to me because of their feathery floral looks.

What a fabulous line! Great job Lillie Designs!  Check back tomorrow when I cover another designer from Philly Fashion Week!

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