My Fashion's Night Out Festivities

Friday, September 7, 2012

Well, yesterday was Fashion's Night Out, where all across the nation everyone celebrates fashion, designers, and their love for retail shopping.  Stores, especially in New York, Philly, and LA had great sales, samples, refreshments, celebrity appearances, and foods!  This year, I have so much going on so I decided to just go to the Tanger Outlets in Hershey, PA.  I wore my official Fashion's Night Out shirt of course and my white Guess bag to match!  And I wore some comfortable slight wedge sandals for all of my walking.  I'm sorry, I know sometimes pumps look better with certain outfits, but I always opt for something that's better on my feet.

My first stop was Guess of course!  I have been wearing Guess handbags for about 11 years now.  They hold their value and they honestly are durable through all kinds of events.  I have been desperately searching for blazers and I found two adorable blazers, a black one and a magenta one, which I will showcase later for you guys!!  I also found some black skinny jeans in the Sarah Fit which hug my curves perfectly.  And of course I got a sweater for my fall wardrobe, which I will show you eventually as well.  There were some great sales.  The sweater was 30% off and the blazers were on sale too.  Then I stumbled upon 50% off handbags, however I chose one that I fell in love with even though it wasn't on sale because I knew if I didn't get it, I'd regret it.  I have to say, I was very concerned how I could claim my free tote from Customer Service because their signs led me to believe the purchase had to be between 6-9pm on the receipt in order to show it and get a free tote, so I tweeted to the Tanger Outlets twitter and she said it didn't matter what time.  Well of course when I got to Shopper Services they tried to tell me I wasn't eligible so I pulled up the Twitter and showed them and they gave me one anyways.  What is it with customer service lately?!  

I also went to Calvin Klein last night and I found a beautiful pink leather work tote for 50% off!!  I love it and I could always use it as a handbag if I really wanted to! So above you can see my new handbag and wallet from Guess on the right, and my CK bag on the left.  And of course I am clutching my other clothing like there's no tomorrow!

Did you go out for FNO?  What did you get??
Next year, I'll be going to King of Prussia for the deals and because I'm sure they will have much better customer service!   I still had fun though!


  1. You looked very stylish for the event and, I have to agree, Guess purses last forever. I have one I have used for years and it's still in good shape. I have to force myself to use another purse occasionally.

  2. I've never been to FNO, but I've always wanted to go. Looks like you got a lot of great stuff on sale. Reminds me I need to buy myself a wallet haha

  3. Looks like you scored a ton of great stuff. Reminds me that I need to get a wallet.

    Hope I can go to FNO next year!


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