Stella and I Were On A Boat!

Monday, September 10, 2012

This Saturday was the Ride the Pride with your dog event with The Pride of the Susquehanna in Harrisburg, PA and the Harrisburg Humane Society.  It was 2 tickets for $40 and dogs ride free.  I chose Stella to go on this little ride! I was so excited because I have never been on this boat, even though I've lived in the Harrisburg area my whole life.

We arrived about an hour before the scheduled time and when we signed in we immediately got a gift bag (for humans) and a bag to fill with treats from the dog treat bar.  They even had doggy ice cream.  How cool!  Under the pavilion nearby was a catered lunch of hotdogs and hamburgers from Flinchys! It was really good and it was nice to get a chance to visit with all the other doggies that would be going out on the boat.

Finally, the boat came back from it's previous ride and it was time for us to board.  I was one of the second people on so we headed to the upper deck of the boat and found a table to sit at.  It was a very comfortable ride and they were so friendly to us as we boarded.

Once we left the dock, it was a surprisingly smooth ride and the captain was so nice.  Before we set off, he actually was visiting with a lot of the dogs.  It was so nice to see what Harrisburg looks like from the river instead of the land!  This is the perfect way to have a super fun date night during the summer. 

Stella and the other dogs did so well on this trip.  They were just happy to be out with their owners!  Oh and I almost forgot to mention above that we got to meet some really sweet dogs from the Harrisburg Humane Society that were up for adoption! During the cruise, a woman from a local photography company came around taking our pictures!

The cruise lasted almost an hour and it was really fun to hear the history of Harrisburg along the way, played over the loud speaker!

And I tweeted and Facebooked a few pics online the way.  In our last ten minutes, it of course started raining but we had a roof over us so it was okay but it was really interesting to be out on the river during a storm.  We arrived back to the dock and we all dead sprinted towards the Pavilion where the event coordinator, Heather, welcomed us to stay and wait out the rain with more food, ice cream (for people and for dogs) and beer!  It was so much fun! The staff was so nice.  They kept coming around asking everyone about their dog and they remembered names which means a lot to people!

At the end of the entire event, I left with the above goodies! It was such a fun time and I will be sure to attend next year and I also plan on riding the Pride again! They have all kinds of special event cruises like dinner cruises, mystery cruises, etc.

Hope you enjoyed my recap!


  1. Sounds like a nice day! I love the photo of you (with the sunglasses) and Stella!
    P.S. Stella was my dog's name when I was a kid. What a great beagle she was!

  2. Aww looks like you two had a good time! Would love to have done that with Bullet if we still lived closer. Then again, Bullet was interested in Stella and he just wasn't her type haha.

  3. The picture of stella by herself, that looks like she is gazing out on the water, cracks me up!! cuute


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