#DateMyChevy Picnics and Errands

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

During the week I had the Chevy Volt I made sure to do as many fun things as my schedule allowed.  One of those was to take the dogs to the dog park using the Volt. 

I must say it fit their car seats quite well and I easily fit the food bag and chairs I brought and some other items with no problem. It wasn’t too difficult to load the dogs up except I had to be careful when loading them because I nearly knocked myself out when I’d lean into the back to place each dog in a car seat.  I’m sure I could get used to the height though.  It was a nice smooth ride and the dogs didn’t seem upset at all. 

Once we were at the park it was very easy to unload them

The Chevy Volt would be good for pet owners because it has plenty of space for your dog in the back and it’s a nice smooth ride for them! 

During the week I had the Volt I also used it to run grocery errands and it definitely had plenty of space in the trunk to hold everything.  With the trunk opening so wide, it was very easy to load and unload everything and nothing spilled on the way home, event around sharp turns. 

The Chevy Volt is great for people who enjoy shopping and run a lot of errands because there’s plenty of room to hold your bags without everything spilling.  The trunk goes up high enough that it’s very easy to load and unload groceries.
We also went to a picnic and used the Volt to get there.  We loaded up the trunk and had all our supplies fit just fine.  The navigation system was a huge help and the pedestrian horn came in handy when we needed people to move out of the way on the entry road.  I think this car is sometimes too quiet for people to here! 

The Volt gave us a smooth ride even on the dirt road to get to our destination.  When leaving in the evening, the back up camera and light came in handy and we didn’t have to worry about hitting a car or a person!
The Chevy Volt is also great for people that love the outdoors because the Navigation system works great to find your way to a park of your choice and the trunk fits a decent amount of supplies.
That concludes my time with the Chevy Volt!

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  1. Since you were satisfied with the entire week you had the chance to test drive the Volt, have made up your mind to buy one? I’ve read all your blog posts about your date with this car, and I can say that it did not give you any disappointments. Well, Chevy Volt is definitely a great car that you can use anytime and anywhere you want.

    >Carry Bacot


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