#DateMyChevy Chevy Volt First Drive/Work Comm/Meeting the Parents

Thursday, September 20, 2012

My first drive with the Chevy Volt was very smooth.  The Volt was super quiet when I started it up.  In fact I wasn’t even sure if it was on.  I didn’t even know a car could be so quiet!!  I loved backing out of my driveway with the reverse camera and being able to see everything behind me.  I also liked the fact that you can't enter addresses into the Navigation system while the car is moving.  That's a great safety feature to prevent us from getting distracted.  The navigation system was quick and easy to use and I liked the maps and how they changed from dark to light depending on the time of day it was.  The XM radio was also great.  It made my rides and my commutes so much more enjoyable.  And the signal of course came in great.  There's also a handsfree phone capability which is another great safety feature.
Like any new date, it was time to meet the parents.  I took the Volt to meet my mom and dad right away.  It did great in their neighborhood.  There are always kids playing and at one point I had to slam on the breaks when a tennis ball rolled out into the street.  The Volt stopped right away.  How convenient and safe!

My parents were ecstatic to get a ride in the volt.  It fit the four of us quite well.  My dad had to sit in the front though because he’s tall and likes his leg room.  It handled very well when we test drove it on the back roads near their neighborhood.  I like that I didn’t feel myself or anyone else sliding when we went around sharp turns.
The Volt would make a great car for a small family because it's a smooth ride and everyone can fit in it comfortably.  It does great going around sharp turns.

My Commute to work with the Volt was very smooth.  I have a 45 minute to an hour drive to work and home during the week.  Lucky for me (and the Volt), I get to go on the highway and through the city.  once I finally got the charger for the Volt, I charged it overnight and it was super easy to do.  Plug in to an outlet, plug into the charging port, which is in the front left of the car on the outside, and then push the charger in.  When it was time to leave for work in the morning, I simply unplugged it and was on my way!  I can go to work and back without using any gas! How cool is that!

In the city, the Volt did very well.  It was good with the breaks ( I had to get used to them though) and it was easy for me to watch the road ahead, see people changing lanes next to and behind me, and watch for pedestrians crossing the road.  I park in a parking garage for work and it has some slim parking spots.  The Volt fit right into a parking spot and the backup camera was great for seeing if anyone was behind me when I had to back out at the end of the day to go home. 
 The Volt is a good car for someone with a city commute because of it's fuel efficiency and it's good braking capabilities, especially with traffic jams and pedestrians everywhere.  If you park in a lot or garage, the Volt fits in fine and you won't have to strain your neck to look around when you back out of your spot (or back in).
On the highway, the Volt ran very smoothly.  I didn’t feel half of the bumps I normally do, and the ride was surprisingly quiet.  Highway driving can cause a lot of noise while you’re in the car, but I really could barely even notice anything!! It’s a pretty luxurious ride inside if I do say so myself! The Volt flowed with traffic just fine and XM radio really helped make my commute home more enjoyable after a long day at work.  It was easy to program the channels so that my favorites were just a button touch away. 
The Volt is a good car for someone with a highway commute because it's a quiet and smooth ride and the climate control is really easy to use when you need to cool down when sitting in traffic or stay warm in the morning.  XM radio is a huge plus for anyone with a long commute!

Stay tuned next Tuesday when I post about how the Volt did with errands and with a backseat full of pooches! 

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  1. great review Ellen! I love the idea of that camera when you are backing up. I am having trouble wrapping my head around "charging" a car though, but the idea of NO GAS is great! That's one SHARP looking car!


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