10 Tips for Future #LuckyFABB Attendees

Friday, November 1, 2013

For those of you who hope to someday attend LuckyFABB or any other kind of fashion or blogger conference, I put together a few tips for you.  

1. Wear (or bring) comfy shoes.   

 I suggest flats.  You will stand, you will walk, you will be exhuasted and sore by the end of the first day.   You can still be stylish in flats or flat boots!

2.  Bring your camera/phone charger.  

 Trust me, you will need it.  My phone died about 5 times the first day alone!

3.  Get business cards made.   

Hand these out to other bloggers, PR people, and brands at the event.   Make sure it has your twitter handle as well as your email address and blog address as well. 

4.  Be Friendly. 

You never know who in attendance already reads your blog, and it would be a shame to do something rude towards them and then lose them as a follower.   Remember, you are all there for the same reason!

5.  Bring Snacks. 

A girl's gotta eat, and plus you know you can find room to stash them in your ginormous handbag!

6.  Do your research!   

Read over the agenda and what will be discussed.   Write down any questions you want to ask and make sure you know who the people are so that you can easily describe what's going on when you live tweet, etc. 

7.  Follow the speakers/guests on social media. 

It will come in handy when you quickly want to tag them in your tweets during their session! 

8.  Take notes! 

Bring along a notepad and 2 pens and your ipad or any other device you plan to take notes with. 

9. Bring a foldable bag or a HUGE handbag to carry any goodies you snag.   You will get things along the way and you will want to take mementos home.   


  Don't be afraid to strike random conversations up with other attendees.   These people are all sharing one common thing with you (at least)... the love of blogging/fashion/LuckyFABB!

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