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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

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First of all I love everything about Fall, especially that some days are totally warm enough for a casual long sleeved top.  I didn't even need a jacket on this particular day.   The top is from Good HYOUman.  I love them! The idea behind the brand is to unite humanity by sharing the stories that make us hYOUman.   I am a human and I feel emotions just like anyone else.  My emotions and my life events are different than anyone elses of course.   But we all experience things and that's what we all have in common.  So we all need to respect that about each other.  You never know what someone else has been through.  I love what's on this shirt as well because I have always been steadfast in my ways of saying that love is greater than any amount of money! Each season, a different' person's inspirational story is printed on the back of their hangtags and there is even a special email address you can send your story too. Brett Novek, the founder started the company after his father passed away from cancer, so by starting the line he could keep his father's memory alive forever! See, everyone has a story!

Combat Boots Outfit
 The handbag is my new messenger bag from Galian New York.  I have to say that I probably will be using this bag for a LONG time.  It seems to hold up well so far, despite my heavy contents and I absolutely love how it's slouchy, yet polished when it needs to be.  I love the top handle but I often find myself using the shoulder strap because it's just easier.   I LOVE THIS BAG!

Alex and Ani Bracelets Energy

BCBGeneration Fearless Bracelet

Love and money shirt outfit

Of course I'm wearing my favorite combat boots which I found for $20 - woohoo!  And my jewelry is so comfortable and some of my favorite pieces as well! I added the turquoise cami to give this dark look a splash of happy color!

So What I Wore:
Cami - Express, Boots - Ross, Jeans - Paris Blues, Shirt - Good HYOUMan, Bag - Galian, Fearless Bracelet - BCBGeneration, Skull bracelet - Accessory Fanatic, Purple Bangles - Alex and Ani

 photo Newsig_zps7e5a1ccf.png

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  1. Love the sweater! What a fun way to get across 'love is greater than money.' Thanks for linking up this week! - Katy


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