Dexas Kitchen Tools & Popware for Pets Review

Saturday, November 2, 2013

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Dexas is a company based out of Texas that offers a line of cutting boards, kitchen tools, and gadgets as well as silicone heat-resistant items. Their unique and versatile kitchenware is available in the trendiest colors and they help stimulate culinary creativity. Dexas also created the Popware for Pets line that contains pet care and travel products such as food and water bowls and cups! Everything is quality made and is easy on the eyes!

I received so many cool items from Dexas. For the pups I received: Collpasible KlipScoops - Medium and Small - These are perfect for portion control. The pre-measured volume allows you to prevent overfeeding and the clip is perfect for holding a food or treat bag closed so it doesn't get stale. It also collapses flat so you can save room in storage and the best part - it's dishwasher-safe!

Collapsible Kennel Bowl - This allows you to clip it to your pup's kennel or crate and you can fold it up when not in use. When it is in use, you can lock the bowl in place and expand it. It's also dishwasher safe. It's easy to attach and remove as well!

Collapsible Travel Cup - This is awesome for on the go. When I take the pups anywhere I always want to keep them hydrated and I can do that now with a lightweight clip on for my belt loops or backpack. It collapses to less than half an inch thick and the bottle holder ring fits standard water bottles. This is perfect for no mess and no fuss when travelling! My girls (and boy) love it!

Pet Bowl Grippmat - I love this, as it's a non-slip food bowl placemat that helps keep the floor clean in the kitchen, since I tend to accidentally kick the water bowl sometimes! It also contains crumbs and I love the non skid rubber.

Elevated Pet Feeder - Rocky soooo needed this! He sits when he eats, and the other dogs try to zoom in to his bowl while his head is raised up above it as he chews. Now, once I pop out the legs, the bowl is closer to his face when he sits. And it's easier on his joints from leaning when eating. It also improves digestion and is better for his feeding posture! The bowl is detachable and easy to clean in the dishwasher! The legs are adjustable from 8" to 13" tall!

And for myself in the kitchen I received:

Jelli Chop & Scoop - Such a great idea... a cutting board for fruits and veggies that contains the runny juices. The easy to grip handle makes it much safer to hold while I chop food and it's even easier to lift and pour into a bowl. It's non stick and non absorbent and it won't dull knives.

4" Santoku Knife - What a stylish knife for cheeses, fruits, and anything else. It's made from high carbon stainless steel and is very grippable. It's also ergonomically designed so you can get precision cutting results. The blade has a nonstick finish and the handle is nice and soft! I love this thing!

Collapsible 8" POP Strainer - This strainer can expand to the capacity of a full quart simply by flicking your wrist. And then it can collpase down to the size of a dinner plate. It takes up less space in storage and in the dishwasher when you collapse it. It's easy to use, wash, and it's non-porous! This is great for salads and pasta!

Spoon & Strain Tongs - This is a great tool for portion control. The spoon side measures 2 TBSP and the slotted side can be used for straining sauces. The locking handle makes it take up less room when stored and the handle is soft and non slip grip! It's dishwasher safe and it stainless steel!

Keep these items in mind for the Holiday Season! They are great gift ideas!

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