Driving in Style with the 2014 Kia Sorento SX Limited

Monday, November 11, 2013

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The inside was more luxurious for passengers that rode with me than it had been in the Sorento EX from September. The heated second row seats make a world of a difference especially in the cold weather months. I feel like I'm a supermodel when I walk out to this car, because the look is just so stylish and sleek! 

When it comes to passengers, it's great for a night out with friends. Everyone fits so comfortably with plenty of room to move around and still have privacy and not be squished up against the person next to you. My pups, Pixie and Grace just loved the seats....they told me it was very comfortable for doggy passengers as well. Actually, it was. I had to take one of them for a routine vet check up and it was so nice to be able to hook up the dog car seat without slamming my head on the top of a vehicle when leaning in. So just think of how easy it is for someone with a carseat and child!

When it comes to storage, shopping sprees and routine grocery trips were a breeze. Even in a regular sized car it seems like everything gets squished and rolls around when you go around a curve, but not in the 2014 Sorento SX! 

In fact, my shopping bags stayed upright in the trunk, and as it had started to rain when I first left the mall, I was so glad that it was SUPER quick and easy to put the third row seating down. Literally no grunting and breaking into a sweat and getting frustrated! Plus, if you have passengers in the second row, you want to make sure everyone has room for their shopping bags, luggage, purses, overnight bags, whatever! This is such a great SUV for any lifestyle, especially a 20-something gal!

 I still get excited when I hit the unlock button the remote and I see the door handle lighting up so I can open it in the dark more easily.

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