Electrolux Live Stream Cook-Off Recap

Friday, November 8, 2013

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So in case you missed the Electrolux Live Stream Cook-Off , I have a nice recap for you!

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Phoebe Lapine, jennifer Perillo, and Camille Becerra faced off over Pan Roasted Cauliflower using three different types of cook tops - Induction, Gas, and Electric.

One of the first bits of info I learned about induction cooktops was that they stay cool to the touch, which makes them great for a busy home with kids.... safety first!

Another bit of info I learned was that if you want to see if certain cookware works for induction, see if a magnet sticks to it. If it doesn't you can still use a diffuser under your cookware.

Electric cooktops can be kind of frustrating when it comes to gauging the termperature, I even saw some smoke come off the dish, but I noticed on the induction cooktop the water boiled SO fast!

Part Tip - When preparing a dinner for guests, as the host you should remember to keep calm and have fun because a happy home means a happy guest!

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Also, when plating a dish - family style is a great idea... family style basically means it's all edible so you don't have to worry about the garnishments really!

If you want to learn more about induction ranges check out this article at LiveLoveLux.com.

When you are plating a dish – family style is a great idea – meaning its all edible

They chose the winner for the Induction Cooktop as well and it was a lucky gal named Nikki so congrats to her!

And the winner of the best dish was the one prepared on the induction cooktop! Of course!!

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