4 Reasons to Stop Thinking You Should Never "Have To" Change

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

It's a common thing to say or hear in a relationship when someone declares they should not have to change their ways.  

"I shouldn't have to change."

That's completely fine especially when you want to stay true to yourself and your morals. But there are other cases where we don't want to change out of fear. No one really likes change at first because it's uncomfortable and brings the unknown.  Change is a crucial part of life though, and here are 4 reasons why.

1. Change is not the same as conforming.

Some people use the word change in the same sentence as the word conform, like: "Why should I change? I shouldn't have to conform to what others do."  

Change isn't necessarily conforming. Change is altering a current behavior or embracing a new one.  It can also be a way of altering a current action, mindset, or attitude in order to take on a new one. 

2. Change is crucial for survival.

We like to dress a certain way for warm weather but when Winter rolls around we adjust to wearing warm clothes and heavy jackets.  If we didn't we would freeze. Changing to adapt to the world around you and your situations is crucial to survival. 

Remember the mindset you had when you were a teenager? You knew everything and your parents were annoying. But looking back now, with a mature mind, you can see that certain things you did weren't okay and you really didn't know it all. That's because as you grew up you matured and changed for the better and now you can look back and see things more clearly.

3. Life is change.
Every day, every minute, every moment, every thing is changing, growing, dying, or being born. That's what life is. You have to embrace it.  When a certain attitude or behavior isn't working out for you (you can't get along with coworkers) you sometimes have to adapt a new mindset. 

Maybe you are the difficult one and should try to not take your coworkers comments so personal.

4. Having a "Screw Everyone Else" attitude is so negative! 

If everyone walked around saying "I don't cafe if people don't like my attitude, I don't have to change for anyone", the world would be full of rude people that cut you off in traffic, take a bad day out on their roommates, and lie and cheat!  Oh wait.... the world is already full of enough of that so stop adding to it. 

Because we all have to coexist together in this world, you owe it to everyone you come across to atleast be pleasant especially because you never know what someone else may be going through in their life. 

For instance, the man who yells at the cashier because he was in a rush (It's his fault he took too long at the store!) can make her rough day even worse and she doesn't deserve it.

So maybe after reading this article you will see why you have issues in your friendships, relationships, work projects, and home life no matter how much you want others to change.  Sometimes the change has to come within yourself.  


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