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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

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With all the foot pain and problems I used to have, I'm super careful with what I wear on my feet.  I am so glad I got the opportunity to work with Rider Sandals or I'd never know about such a comfortable and eco-friendly brand. 
sandals, rider sandals, flip flops, footwear
Rider Sandals are a brand of casual sandals that conform to your foot and cushion every step.  These sandals actually work to accomodate your natural gate.  The designers of Rider's get their inspiration from extreme sports, fashion trends, and the great outdoors.  They are stylish yet comfortable and are crafted in Brazil.   In fact, they are actually made in some of the most eco-friendly manufacturing plants in the world.  Brazile holds one of the most expansive and ecologically sensitive ecosystems so environmental sustainability is an integral part of both the company and the country's culture.  Because of all this, Riders are recyclable and 99% of the industrial waste create in their manufacturing is recycled or reused. 

sandals, rider sandals, flip flops, footwear

I received a pair of the Dunas VI Womens sandals.  They are a trendy take on a classic Rider style.  It has such a relaxed feel and is made from a synthetic-leather Quick Dry upper and a cushioned EVA footbed.   


One of my favorite featuers is the amazing extra-soft toe piece for comfort.  Normally I have major issues with adjusting to new sandals especially because they will rub my toes the wrong way but after an entire day in these I felt like I had been wearing them for years. 

They did a great job gripping the ground when I walked in them.  I like the design on these and they are great for casual wear.   I even wear them to work with khaki capris and a simple blouse. 

I am so glad that I can wear a brand that gives back to the environment AND to my feet! 


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