What It's Like to Be a Blogger

Monday, June 30, 2014

The more and more into blogging I've become I've noticed so many things that only other bloggers can relate to.  So I decided to make a post about some of those things!

Here's a look at what it's like to be a blogger.
You get the urge to blog at the most inconvenient times.
Before buying something you think "Wait, can I get this through my blog?"

Everyone and their mom wants you to blog about their stuff (for free apparently).  "Hey you're a blogger, why don't you write about this."

Everyday is Christmas when it comes to packages in the mail.
You feel the need to defend the term "blogger."
You get frustrated with lame and generic pitches.
At any given moment your phone has notifications for your email, texts, Instagram, Facebook, personal Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter.
Selfies are totally acceptable.

You can't go anywhere without seeing an opportunity to network.

You fill the need to explain how much work it actually is (a part time job at least!) for you as a blogger.
Spam comments are all too familiar "Hey this is a great post here is a link to my website: Largeandincharge.com"!

A simple outfit photo is exhausting.
Crap, when's the last time I updated my media kit?
Another blogging conference? Sign me up!
In mid conversation with a friend you realize "This would be a great blog post topic!"
You may never know who left that rude insulting anonymous comment on your blog, and it's gonna piss you off for a few weeks!
When you discover another blogger in your area you're ecstatic.
You justify large purchases with " It's okay, I need this for some blog photos".
Your point and shoot will never be good enough it seems so keep saving for that DSLR!

Neighbors and passerbys are ALWAYS around when you're posing awkwardly for OOTD photos. (I wonder if they think I'm vain?)

Did I miss anything?????

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  1. YES to all the above! Especially the phone notifications! Everytime I'm out my boyfriend is like, "seriously, why is your phone always blowing up?!" #thatbloglifetho


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