Outfit of the Day: Relaxed in Stripes

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

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So one of the things I love about summer is that I can just dress casual and comfortable to stay cool but I can still take advantage of fun slip on shoes and cute graphic tees.  This outfit clearly reflects that.
espadrilles, tee shirt, casual, outfit, fashion, quel objet
The shirt is from Camp Moxie, which carries a variety of amazing graphic tees with fun phrases and uplifting one liners!
espadrilles, tee shirt, casual, outfit, fashion, quel objet
I mean I'd like to think I'm livin the dream in my own little way so I really liked this shirt!
espadrilles, tee shirt, casual, outfit, fashion, quel objet

Those shoes? Aren't they cute?! They are La Plage Espadrilles from Quel Objet.  They are so comfortable.  These canvas shoes with rope trim are so easy to slip on and off and are great for everyday wear.  I love that they came in an adorable fabric bag.  The other great thing about these is that after about an hour of wear they begin molding to your feet so they get even more comfortable. 


Quel Objet's espadrilles are made by hand in a village in the Pyrenees, in French Basque country.   I love the gorgeous craftsmanship and the beautiful vibrant colors.  There are so many different patterns and colors to choose from, you are bound to find a pair you absolutely love!

I am so glad I found a great pair of comfy shoes that I can not only wear around the house but also to the office and to casual outdoor events!

So What I Wore:
La Plage Espadrilles - Quel Objet; Shirt - Camp Moxie; Sunglasses - Kate Spade; Capris - Kohls.  

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