A List of Time Consuming Things Women Do (That Men Don't Have To)

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Recently, I was in a discussion about the time it takes for a woman vs a man to get ready, and take care of themselves on a daily basis.  This inspired me to make a post about it so everyone could get a real good look at how time consuming it can be to go through life as a female.

Enjoy :)

Daily Time Consuming Female Rituals:

1. Exfoliating face 1-2 times per day
2. Cleansing face 1-2 times per day
3. Applying Makeup
4. Removing Makeup
5. Moisturizing our face 1-2 per day
6. Moisturizing rest of body
7. Showering
8. Shaving our legs
9. Applying heat protectant and styling gel to our hair
10. Drying our hair
11. Styling our hair
12. Flat Ironing our hair
13. Picking out our outfits (Sorry, we can't all dress like men everyday!)
14. Put in Hair extensions
15. Exercising


1. Painting Nails
2. Tanning/Applying Self Tanner
3. Plucking/waxing eyebrows
4. Removing Nail Polish
5. Filing or trimming Nails
6. Laundry laundry laundry sort sort sort hang hang hang


1. Getting our hair cut/colored
2. Dealing with tampons
3. Organizing and Reorganizing our handbag
4. Organizing and Reorganizing our closet

Add in your work hours, your commute time, and the time it takes to clean the house daily and make/eat dinner and you have one exhausted (and cranky) chick!

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  1. My husband always tell me I take forever to get ready.

    1. lol i know i think we all hear that a lot these days haha ;o)

  2. I must say that women don't have to do all these things either. I can shower/get ready just as fast as my guy, maybe a few extra minutes to slather coconut oil all over myself. That is mainly due to eczema, not being a woman. If, yes I said IF, I do my makeup, it takes me 10-15 minutes. I do know I am an exception and that a lot of women do decide to spend their time on these things. Nothing wrong with it either way.

    1. yea. i def dont do all of these things bc i just dont care enough to lol bc id rather get enough sleep and stuff ahha!

  3. lol... seriously entertaining and same time so damn true!!
    These guys really don't have any idea how hard it is to be the way we are. We look perfect (better than them anyday) and we do all chores and every damn thing that we are expected off!!
    really loved reading this post and surprisingly feels good to see the list we all do all the time :)

    1. its funny bc when I surveys my facebook friends for responses, i was bombarded with notifications because everyone had so many different things that we all have to due haha . all the guys were so lost


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