10 Things Only Girls from the 2000s Will Understand

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

So I was thinking about all the little things that I remember from growing up from 2000-2010 that so many people these days don't even understand.    So here we go... here are 10 things that only girls from the 2000's will understand. 

1// OH, AIM! 
You would sign on to AIM just to put up a cool away message.  Oh yea, then you sit at the screen to see if your crush would IM you. 

2// Laguna Beach! 
Oh the drama between the Stephen/LC/Kristin love triangle.  I just loved this show.  In fact, I can't even hear the theme song come on the radio without thinking of the show.  

3// The OC
This was that one show that you could not miss.   Anyone else have the poster for their bedroom wall? 

4// D&B Bags 
Owning a Dooney and Bourke purse made you a balla!

5// Old School Cell Phones
First it was the big long Nokia, then the short rectangular antenna-less one, then the Razr.   You were a badass

6//  THE BOX
You rebelliously snuck and called into The Box to request a music video and get charged $4.99 on your next cable bill.

7// Abercrombie models
 OMG is that what guys look like in real life?

8// Digital Cameras??
Umm don't those cost like a million bucks? I'll stick with my disposable one!

9// Sak Purses
We were stylin' yo! 

10// Those awesome Von Dutch hats everyone wanted
You just HAD to have one!

What else do you remember from those times? 

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  1. I loooove The OC! I actually rewatched it recently and it is still just as amazing as ever, haha!


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