My X Rated Childhood Artwork

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

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Okay, so not all of these are X - rated but still I can't stop laughing.  Living at my parent's house temporarily means I'm forever living out of boxes...for 2 years now.  So from time to time I go down and purge and try to combine boxes.  So when I started digging through my artwork box, I had to take a seat! 

The Self Portrait
Ummmmm   I guess that looks like me, right?  Where's Waldo outfit  with more space between each tooth than the length of a school bus.   What's funny is my teeth never looked like that  and I never wore makeup at that age, but apparently I thought I did. Look at those fake lashes! 

Don't know who these people were.... but I randomly drew a pic of 2 people having sex...because back then I thought that's what sex was...kissing! LOL!!! 
The Tribute
This isn't a funny one at all, in fact it's pretty epic.   I had tendency back then to tell every pet we had that they were the best in the entire whole wide universe.  So when we had to get our dog Smokey put to sleep, I spent days before then to make him certificates of being the best dog, and photos, and a card for his grave.   I'm pretty impressed by the card with the picture of me standing over his grave, imagining a happier time. DAW!!!
What's the funniest piece of artwork that you ever found from your childhood? 

 photo ScreenShot2014-06-25at102225PM_zps4fdda517.png

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  1. isn't fun looking at old childhood stuff

  2. lolol these are hilarious!! Your self portrait is..umm.. attractive.. ;)


    1. ROFL! Thanks girl. i know. i wish i still looked like that haha ;)

  3. I love these!!! In the second one, the girl has her leg kicked back and everything lol. I have sooo much artwork from when I was younger but I threw a lot of it away because that's just what I do, I don't know why. My Mom Mom would put every drawing I did at her house on her living room wall. So she had a whole wall covered in my drawings. And I definitely went through the phase of drawing people having "sex" and stuff too haha. With me, it is fun to look back at my drawings but with my sister, we look back at what she would write. She has a lot of her old school work saved and it is just hilarious to read.

    1. I seriously cant stop laughing at some of the pictures i found haha!


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