How Many Items Do You Really Need In Your Closet?

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

This is like the ultimate checklist for those that want the best of both worlds... you want a lot of what you love (shoes, shirts, jeans, bags) but you don't want an excessive amount.  So without denying you of any options , this list just basically helps you pair down duplicates.   Think about how many things you have that are kind of the same thing.. 2 pairs of black pumps, 2 pairs of black boots, 3 pairs of dark wash skinny jeans... exactly.  

So here's a good idea of what you really need in your closet.   


[]1 pair nude
[]1 pair black
[]2 pairs of pattern/print 
[] 2 pairs of sneakers
[]1 pair black 
[]1 pair nude boots
[]1 pair light brown
[] 1 pair dark brown
[]1 pair black
[]1 pair nude
[]1 pair black
[]1 pair nude
[]1 pair black
[]1 pair statement
[]1 pair nude
1 pair grey boots/booties/shoes
1 pair rain boots
2 pairs of flip flops

1 pair dark wash skinny jeans
1 pair casual jeans
1 pair light wash skinny jeans
1 pair of various colors of skinny jeans
2 pairs of black leggings
2 pairs of grey leggings
1 pair khaki pants
2-3 pairs of capri pants
3 pairs of shorts
1-2 skirts

3-4 Sweaters
3 flannel tops in different colors
3-4 blouses
3 summer dresses 
2-3 formal dresses
3-4 neutral long sleeve tops
2 black camis
2 white camis
1 cami in each various color 
3-4 Casual tees
[] 1 faux leather
[] 1 black blazer
[] 1 colored/patterned blazer
[] 1 khaki/brown jacket

1 Winter Tote
1 Summer Tote
2 Top Handle Bags
2 Clutches
1 Evening Bag for formal affairs (think Weddings)
1 Crossbody bag

I know this list may not be completely helpful but I hope it gives you a basic idea of the things you really need, so that you can maybe print it and start going through your closet to see how many of each thing you have. I mean really, why do you need 3 black blazers?  Pick the one that fits best, and is the nicest quality and just stay with that one. 

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