Trying Out Some New Hair & Skin Products

Thursday, January 1, 2015

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I recently sampled some new skincare and haircare items from DermOrganic. DermOrganic products are formulated around naturally-derived ingredients and they replicate the elements that our hair and skin use inside to replenish, refresh, and maintain youthful glowing skin and hair on the outside.  Their whole thing is that less is more, so only finest most essential ingredients are necessary to give you better results.  I especially love the travel size samplers I got because they are perfect for travel! 

The skincare sampler contained Soapless Facial Cleanser, Facial Moisturizer, and Hand & Body Moisture Lotion.  The Hand & Body Moisture Lotion went on really smooth and absorbed right away.  It left my hands and body so soft and smooth. It didn't feel heavy like it was blocking my pores or anything and it's oil and fragrance free!  The Facial Cleanser was free of soap and wasn't abrasive.  Instead it was gentle and smooth but still strong enough that it could remove my makeup.  My skin felt so clean afterwards without feeling super tight and dehydrated.  And the Facial Moisturizer gave me soft, smooth skin that has minimal fine lines.  I love that it's oil and fragrance free. It didn't cause any break outs! 

The Hair Care Try-Me Sampler was awesome! I loved that Leave-In Treatment, it worked great!  The Masque Hair Repair was so cool! It was rice in rice amino acids that replace the keratin structure of your hair.  So it seals the cuticle, and restores resilience.  It left my hair so silky smooth and helped get rid of product build up.  It also came with a Daily Conditioning Shampoo which was full of Amino Acids and Essential Fatty Lipids which helps strengthen hair and rebuild it.  It  is also safe for color-treated hair like mine.  No wonder I love these products!  

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