Simple & Clean Home Decor Ideas

Thursday, January 22, 2015

When it comes to home decor, a lot of people want more of a minimalist look - clear surfaces, no clutter, organized storage solutions.  So here are some ideas for ways to decorate your home in a way that's simple and clean. 

Nesting Trays from Pottery Barn at Rockvale Outlets Lancaster

1 | Keep Loose Items Together In Trays
Trays are a great way to corral those items that you pretty much HAVE to leave sitting out on the coffee table.  For instance, your remotes and drink coasters should always be visible but you don't like how it looks when they are scattered on the couch and all over the table.   Trays can also come in stylish colors and patterns. 

Magazine Basket Tower from Kirkland's at Rockvale Outlets Lancaster

2 | Unique Organizing Decor
One of the best examplea of a unique way to organize and decorate your home is with a Magazine Basket Tower. You can keep all your magazines or newspapers up and off the ground in these little bins, and even when it's empty, it still makes an amazing decorative piece in any room!

Kirkland's at Rockvale Outlets Lancaster

3 | Keep Collectibles Dust Free
It's so hard to dust surfaces when your knick-knacks and collectibles are on them.   This is why A LOT of people don't even bother dusting all the surfaces in their home.  But when you get a decorative way to display your favorite things while keeping them dust-free it's a win-win.  

Stand from Kirkland's at Rockvale Outlets Lancaster

4 | Furniture That Doubles As Storage
For a home that has a lot of stuff, you want to keep it out of sight.  So the best way to do that is to get furniture that is decorative but also doubles as storage! Keep things hidden away in drawers or in a storage ottoman.

Wicker Trunk from Pottery Barn at Rockvale Outlets Lancaster

I'm also a huge fan of wicker furniture!

Decorative Bins at Kirkland's at Rockvale Outlets Lancaster
5 | Keep Closets Beautiful with Decorate Storage Bins
Bins and containers don't have to be boring and ugly.  Linen closets can have beautiful fabric bins or baskets.  Closets can have accessories stored in beautiful containers with fun prints, patterns, and colors. 

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What tips do you have for keeping a simple and clean home? 

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