5 Tips for Safe Driving + A Giveaway

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

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Staying safe when driving shouldn't be rocket science, but sometimes we struggle to balance out the conveniences of life like cell phones, with staying safe and attentive on the road.   So here are 5 safe driving tips!

1| Hands off your phone
I keep my iPhone on my air vent thanks to my Kenu Airframe + where I can still see it if I need to answer an incoming call or use the GPS features.   But I won't be distracted with holding it and looking down at it.  

And it even expands for the size of a larger phone and it DOES work with my enormous oversized phone charging case!  It's so easy to just slide on to a vent.

2| Buckle Up
Seriously, not only is it the law, but it can really save your life.   Make it a habit of buckling up EVERY TIME you get in the car and after a few weeks it'll be second nature.  In fact, I don't even notice when I buckle up because I do it so habitually.

3| Keep the Music at a Reasonable Volume
It's completely fine to enjoy music while you drive, but keep it at a level where you could still hear sirens in the distance, or hear a car beeping behind you.

4| Go Hands Free When On A Phone Call
Once again, the Kenu Airframe+ can help with that. I can talk on the phone with it on speaker and I don't have to worry about holding it in one hand, which sometimes makes it hard to control the wheel when turning.  

5| Wear Sunglasses
Laugh all you want, but when you suddenly turn into blinding sunlight it can be scary.  I never leave home without my sunglasses. 

And one winner will get an Airframe+ for their car!
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