My Week in the 2015 Hyundai Santa Fe Sport AWD 2.0T

Monday, March 16, 2015

I was provided a vehicle for 1 week in exchange for my honest opinion. Read my Disclosure Policy.

I was lucky enough to try out the 2015 Hyundai Santa Fe Sport AWD 2.0T for a week and I have lots to tell you about it. 

There's something about the Canyon Copper color that makes this vehicle so edgy and modern.   The 2015 Santa Fe Sport comes with Traction Control and a Vehicle Stability Management system.  It's got ABS with electronic brake force distribution and brake assist.  It even has downhill brake control which was perfect for when I was going into and back out of the mountains for this little photoshoot. 
A great safety feature is the blind spot detection.   When a car is in your blind spot a little light activates on your mirror and it makes a beep sound.  It's great because I don't have to worry about craning my neck to see if someone is there.   
There is also 18 inch alloy wheels, front fog lights and an awesome sunroof.   I love the way the Santa Fe Sport handled in the snow and slush up in the mountains.  I didn't even feel nervous like I would in my normal vehicle.  I have to say it was GREAT on gas for an SUV of it's size.  I also love how it accelerated on the highway. There was no drag or lag. 

The sport look really won me over and I nearly fainted when I saw how much trunk space there is. 
If you need more trunk space you can fold down the back seats.  This is awesome when it comes to transporting groceries, pets, or sports equipment!
As you can see, Grace loved how spacious the inside was. She actually insisted on photobombing me every chance she got. We both loved how spacious the front and back were.   I love that there is so much storage space and room to charge and plug in your devices.  
Oh and this vehicle not only has a proximity key entry but it's got a push button start too!  Seriously this really does make a huge difference that I don't have to clunk around and jam my keys in to try and start my car. 
You can even hook up with Blue Link and search using your voice to find a location you wish to go and the navigation will take over.  Also, I loved the voice text messaging.  This is a GREAT safety feature and a major convenience!   You can select a friend all with your voice and then the system dictates your text message back to you before sending.  I also love that I can share my location with friends and see where they are!   And of course Roadside Assistance gives you an insane amount of reassurance when you are in a bad situation.  
I loved the visibility in the 2015 Hyundai Santa Fe Sport.  Tons of light could come in through the panoramic sunroof and I didn't feel like I had to crane my neck to look around when I was pulling up to a shopping center trying to find the store I wanted. 

The touchscreen was easy to use and navigate through and I really loved the sound quality when I played my music and danced, I mean... sat calmly and bobbed my head!   Also I really loved the auto-dimming rear view mirror because I always struggle with people's headlights in my mirror and it makes it so hard to focus when I'm driving. 

Overall, this is a GREAT vehicle for taking around the outdoors for a random road trip or a planned campsite outing.  I love the space inside and it's perfect for someone with kids that needs a roomy (and safe) SUV but not over sized.   The seats are so comfortable and the overall experience was pleasant!   This vehicle retails at $38,350.  

Is this a vehicle that would go with your lifestyle? 

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