How To Keep a Clean Home with Multiple Dogs + A Giveaway

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

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Listen, I love my dogs just like family, but sometimes they are a handful.  For those of you with a multiple dog household you probably can relate.   But since I don't want my home to smell and look like a dog kennel, I do a few things on a regular basis to keep it fresh and clean. 

1 | Vacuum at least once a week.  Vacuuming is so important so you can keep up with pet fur as well as dander that can be a common cause of allergies.   I always pick one day of the week and stick to it.   If you do it on a weekly basis, you won't feel as unprepared when guests randomly stop by. 

2 | Sofa Covers.   I use sofa covers so that my furniture doesn't get ruined.  There are plenty of stylish ones out there and most of the time you can't even tell that it's only there to keep fur off! 

3| It's in the air.  I burn candles on a regular basis to keep my home smelling fresh.  Another thing you can do is use air freshener wall plugs in each room.  

4 | Bathe your pets monthly.  For some dogs it may be more or less often, but for mine I just bathe them once a month so that they never get that stinky dog smell.  That can be so embarrassing when guests are over.  

5 | Search and Destroy Urine Stains.   Sometimes stains can go undetected but the odor can still hit you.  So I use this awesome little thing called the P-lite from Our Pet Stuff.  It allows you to easily locate dried stains so that you can spot clean them and get rid of the smell.   This light is specifically calibrated at 380-385 nm wavelength for optimal pet stain detection.  It's amazing what I found with it that I couldn't see with my own eyes! 

And guess what?! One lucky winner will get a P-lite of their very own! 
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  1. Great ideas, I'll share them with my child who has a couple of dogs! Cute candle and dog, too :)

  2. I'm interested to see your sofa covers, if you have pictures available.


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