An Inside Look at Macris Chocolates

Monday, March 2, 2015

Last week I got to check out Macris Chocolate's in Lemoyne, PA.  Elena Macris owns and operates the store using the same recipes her grandfather John had used in the 1920's.   Macris is no stranger to the chocolate world.     They use the highest quality ingredients available and even makes things from scratch including marshmallow, creams, meltaways, cordial cherries, fresh roasted nuts, and much much more.  

Their decor was beautiful and very inspirational.  Whether you want some chocolates for wedding favors or just for a regular gift, there are so many beautiful setups and displays. 

For Harrisburg Social Media Club (the reason I was there) we got to try some different chocolate pairings with wine, sake, and beer.   

There is SOOOOOOOO much chocolate to choose from.  It's like a chocolate lovers dream to walk in and see the endless options.  Customers can choose their own assortments from a bulk showcase that has over 100 varieties of chocolates.   It was $22 and some odd cents for a pound! That's a great deal! 
Of course if you are in a hurry or you can't decide, you can choose some already boxed chocolates or custom gift baskets.  There are also a ton of corporate gift solutions and they have a complimentary corporate gift specialist to help you along the way. 

Me and Megan from On The Fly had such a blast!

They have so much space inside and everything is so clean and modern, even the decor.   I will be returning to Macris Chocolates on a very regular basis.   I'm hooked ever since I had my first chocolate covered potato chip from them! 

If you are local, you can find Macris Chocolates at 1200 Market Street in Lemoyne.  Their phone number is 717-412-7129 and they can be reached by email at or on their website:

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  1. Had such a blast at Macris with you! And the chocolate was amazing! Yumm!

  2. All the chocolate look so yummy.

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