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Tuesday, March 3, 2015

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When it comes to staying motivated for being in better shape, I always tell people there are a few key things to remember.  

1// Invest in GREAT Fitwear
Ilu Fitwear is a great brand.  They are a brand exclusively for women who want to look and feel good while integrating exercise and their everyday life.   Their line of fitness clothing is great not only during your workout, but when you are running around with friends or running errands in between!

When you wear things that make you feel good and look good, it gives you extra motivation to keep going.   I love the bright colors and trendy style on the Ilu Fitwear website.

When you look for a bra make sure you find one with good support and the proper fit.  Leggings should be the right size so that you feel comfortable when you are moving around.   An uncomfortable and improper fit of leggings can completely distract you from good form during a workout.

Make sure you only choose clothing that is well crafted and put together and you will have plenty of motivation to keep moving!

2// Get on a Schedule
Pick a couple days each week that you can commit to working out.  Stay on that schedule. Consistency is key when it comes to working out.   And if something comes along and interrupts your plans for a day or two it's okay, as long as you stick to the other days you planned.  And always keep it realistic, making sure you allow time for recovery in between.

3// Eat Right
Don't ever deprive yourself or else you won't have the energy you need to exercise.  Drink plenty of water and eat 3  meals a day.   Educate yourself on proper nutrition and what your body needs on a daily basis to stay healthy.

And good news,  Ilu Fitwear is launching a new range of clothing really soon so stay tuned!!!   Just remember that my outfit is a last chance to buy deal. Once it's gone they won't restock!

What tips do you have for staying motivated with your fitness?

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  1. Eating is such a pain to me. I don't enjoy cooking and my husband doesn't like to pay to eat out. So, I often don't eat as much as I should on a daily basis. I'd be interested to know what types of things you eat, specifically for lunch/dinner.


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