What Makes Me Feel Foxy [Waist Training]

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

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So I had heard all about this whole waist training thing and I was genuinely interested.  I teamed up with Feel Foxy to figure it all out.   Basically,  waist training is the gradual process of using a waist cincher/corset to reduce your waist.  You use the adjustable hooks to gradually increase how tight the corset is.

There are so many waist cinchers and corsets on the Feel Foxy website.  You can choose the style, material,  and color that you like best.   I used the Ann Cherry Clasica Fusionada Waist Cincher.  I did just as I was advised - and I gradually increased my length of wear over the weeks and also increased how tight the hooks were.  After the first week I was a lot more comfortable in this and I could wear it for longer periods of time.  I noticed that I am able to hold my stomach in more even without the waist cincher on.  

I also noticed that when I wore it to eat, I ate less aka proper portions.  I honestly couldn't shove food in my face all night if I had this on so it really worked out in my favor!   The other thing I noticed was that I look better in my shirts.  I'm not busting out at the waist anymore!  

When I first put this on it was difficult to get all the hooks closed but after the first few times I could breeze through it.  I thought this waist cincher was really soft and flexible and it didn't irritate my skin or make me itch.

I also felt really sexy when I wore this.   I can't really explain it beyond that but I definitely loved it.  I will continue to use my Waist Cincher from Feel Foxy.

Is this something you would try?

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