How to Travel With Your Pet

Thursday, March 19, 2015

 Looking for cheap hotels in Los Angeles that are pet-friendly? Traveling with your pup can be fun, but it can also be harrowing if you didn’t plan accordingly. Keep reading for tips on how to travel with man’s best friend.

1. Keep your pet in a carrier. This will help them to stay safe when in unfamiliar surroundings. It will also keep your pet protected from the unsolicited attention of strangers.

2. Make sure the carrier has plenty of ventilation, from both the sides and the door. It should also have a safe entryway with a latch or a zipper.

3. Contact the airline beforehand to find out the right size for the pet carrier. Otherwise, you could find out that your pet can’t travel with you on the plane.

4. Bring food bowls and water bowls that collapse.

5. Pack both dry and wet dog food, as well as treats. Otherwise, you’ll spend part of your vacation trying to find a store that sells the food you’re dog is used to. Buy small cans of food so that you don’t have to store leftovers. Don’t forget to pack the can opener!

6. Bring along proof that your pet is healthy and has been vaccinated. Many airlines and hotels require this documentation.

7. Write down information about area vets. If there’s an emergency, you’ll know exactly who to call and where to bring your pet.

8. Don’t just show up with your pet. Make a reservation for your animal at the airline and the hotel.

9. Make sure your dog’s collar has up-to-date tags.

10. Keep a leash handy at all times. It’s not safe to let your dog walk without a leash when you’re both in an unfamiliar town.

11. Pack comfort items for your pet, like his favorite toy or the blanket he sleeps with every night.

12. Bring along natural supplements that will help calm your dog. Some animals don’t react well to travel and need help relaxing. Instead of relying on medications or sedatives, natural “treats” with chamomile or valerian extract will keep them calm.

13. Pack extra waste bags so that you can keep vehicles, parks, and hotel rooms clean.

With the right preparations, you don’t have to exclude the family pet from your travel plans!

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