5 Amazing Things You'll Experience When You Pay Off All Your Credit Card Debt

Monday, July 20, 2015

So back in April I paid off all of my credit card debt, and then I bought a house in May.   I know, that's debt but it's a different kind of debt.  Let me tell you though, everyday still feels like a celebration of being debt free.   So are you wondering what it feels like? Well... let me explain 5 things you will experience once your credit card debt is paid off.

1. Guilt-Free Spending
Imagine being able to do whatever you want with any extra money you have each paycheck because you DON'T have to throw it at your credit card debt!  No more feeling guilty if you splurge on something!   Heck, I bought a patio set for my new house that I could never have had before because there was just no way to justify putting money towards that, while I still have credit card debt!    There is no longer a battle in my head between SPEND IT and THROW IT AT YOUR DEBT DUMMY!

2. No More Credit Card Due Dates
Of course I will always have to track when my utilities and mortgage are due, but no more worrying about all the different dates for all the different store credit cards I have.   Less dates to remember = a free mind!

3. Security in Savings
Once your credit cards are paid off, you can easily throw extra money at your savings which helps give you a security blanket.  Knowing you have a small amount stored away for emergencies gives you a permanent sigh of relief.

4. Focusing on a Mortgage
My mortgage is my only debt now and that's actually really exciting.  Knowing that I can throw extra money at it when I want to pay it down early is a great feeling.  But also knowing that my only debt is something that

5. Realizing that Some Never Accomplish What You Did
Some people go their whole lives in credit card debt.   Every time someone learns I paid mine off they make a huge deal about it and it reminds me once again how proud I should be of myself.  

Are you debt-free?   How does it feel?

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