Hosting A Pamper Party: A Guide To Everything You Need To Know

Tuesday, July 14, 2015


We all love being pampered; there is nothing more enjoyable than spending a couple of hours at your favorite spa. But with the state of the economy and the rising cost of living, checking into a spa isn’t the best idea. 


However, just because you can’t afford to spend time at a spa, that doesn’t mean you can’t be pampered. Many women who are strapped for cash, have started holding their own DIY pamper evenings at home.


Over the past few years, DIY pamper parties have become incredibly popular. Each year, more and more women swap from visiting spas to hosting DIY spa evenings and events. If money is tight, holding your own pamper night is definitely, the way to go.



While planning your first pamper evening might seem a little overwhelming, it doesn’t have to be. Just like when planning any event, the key is organization, the more organized you are, the better you pamper party will go.


To help you plan the best possible pamper party, here are a few simple tips and ideas:


Ask each friend to bring something along


To save yourself money, ask each pamper party guest to bring along something. This could either be one of the beauty products you need, a scented candle or a bottle of wine.


It might be your pamper party, but that doesn’t mean that you have to cover all the costs. Create a Facebook invitation and write a list of everything that you need for the party, and ask each guest to bring one thing along.


Transform your living room into a beauty center


Fill your living room with throws, oversized cushions and a couple of coffee tables for your beauty products. Aim to make the room as comfortable and relaxing as possible - the more like a spa it is, the better.


Spas always smell amazing, so if you want your pamper evening to be authentic, it’s a good idea to make your home smell nice. Invest in a couple of room diffusers, as well as some scented candles and dot them around the room. Opt for lavender candles and diffusers, as lavender is a calming scent, perfect for using to aid relaxation.


Serve fresh fruit and champagne (or fizzy wine)


It’s nice to have a little something to snack on, and fresh fruit is perfect for this. When you are being pampered, the last thing you want is to wolf down a bar of chocolate, but fresh fruit is perfect. If you have asked any of your friends to bring snacks along, make sure to ask them only to bring healthy snacks. The best fruit to get is berries, such as strawberries, raspberries, and blueberries, as they are easy to eat.


Along with your healthy snacks, serving champagne or fizzy wine is ideal. There is nothing nicer than being pampered while enjoying a nice glass of bubbly, and snacking on strawberries. If any of the guests will be driving, you could get a bottle of alcohol-free champagne for them to enjoy.


Make your own face masks



If you have a lot of your friends coming along, it will be more cost-effective to make your own face masks, instead of buying them. Plus, homemade face masks are often much better for your skin and can be used by everyone, even those with sensitive skin.


There are lots of great recipes for homemade face masks; you can find plenty of these online on health and beauty sites. One of the best recipes for red and dry skin is avocado, greek yogurt, honey, and aloe vera inner leaf gel. You can create this mask by blending all the ingredients up in your blender, and then applying them to your face with a makeup brush. This mask should be left on for 15 to 20 minutes and then washed off with cool water and a clean cloth.


Get hair removal equipment


A big part of spending the day at a spa is getting a hair removal treatment, so make sure to incorporate this into your party. Invest in some wax, an epilating machine and a home laser depilation machine, so that your guests can remove any excess hair.


Make sure that if you will be performing each hair removal method for your guests, that you read up on what to do, beforehand. For waxing and epilating tips, have a look at health and beauty sites. To find out more about laser depilation, check out Aquilah's guide on home laser depilation machines. You will find lots of fantastic tips and advice on here, so it's worth having a look. 


Do each other's nails


Ask everyone to bring along a pot of nail varnish, so that you can give each other manicures. Invest in a nail manicure kit, including a shaper tool and nail and cuticle cream.


If anyone has a gel manicure machine, ask them to bring it along. The DIY gel manicure machines are great for doing home manicures, and so, are perfect for a pamper party. Just make sure to get a few of the specialist nail polishes in, so that everyone can paint their nails in the color of their choice.


Don’t forget the essential oils


If you plan on giving each other relaxing massages, don’t forget the essential oils. Ask if anyone has a massage table that you could use, if not, place a sheet over your sofa and use that instead.


If you haven’t given massages before, don’t worry, they’re easy. There are plenty of online tutorials that you can check out for some pointers if you want to get an idea of what you should be doing. There are plenty of essential oils scents to choose from, from sweet jasmine to orange. Just make sure that before using the oils on anyone, that you check they have no allergies.


If money is a little tight, organizing a pamper party for you and your friends is the perfect alternative to a spa day. By following the tips and advice in this guide, you can host an amazing pamper party with very little stress.

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