5 Habits of People with Clean + Organized Homes

Monday, July 13, 2015

I'm going to start off by saying that if you have young children, this post may not apply to you because I know that's a never ending mess at times but for people like me, who don't have kids and just have pets it's a different story.  People always ask how I manage to always have a clean and organized home, so here are a few habits that got me there.

1.  Always Clean Up After Yourself
I never let things sit.  A dirty dish goes straight in the dishwasher or gets scrubbed clean in the sink right away.   Junk mail goes straight in the trash.  Clothes get put away immediately.   If you are always taking the extra few seconds to put something back in the proper place, you will never have to set aside time to do it all at once.  This has actually eliminated the need for me to have a regular cleaning schedule, except of course for the routine dusting, vacuuming, etc.   Think of it this way.... if you don't deal with something right away you still have to deal with it later.  And if you decide to push it off till later, it has to go on your to do list.  Wouldn't you rather have a blank to do list?

2. Convenience is Not An Option
Some people have the same type of item in multiple places around the house like a sweatshirt hanging somewhere in each room for example, or a lighter in almost every drawer.   The thing is... that can lead to chaos when you can't find one in the normal storage spot, and it always overwhelms you when you go to buy stuff that you THINK you need, then come home to find that you already have 5 lighters stashed away.   So in my house, everything has a place and goes back to that place.   I do keep some pens in the kitchen but that's because there are shopping lists there and I do keep a pair of scissors in the kitchen because of all the things we open with them. The rest of the scissors go in the office.   All the lighters have a designated drawer, same with batteries.  All electronic cords and cables have a place.  

3. Don't Buy More Than You Need
It's okay to have some extra stuff like linens and pillow cases but when it comes to things like organizing bins, watches, hair tools, etc.  I only buy what I need.  When I run out, I get another but I don't stockpile certain things that could take years until I need them.   The whole thing with the organizing bins I'll get to in the next point but even with those, I only buy them when I have a specific need.

4. Use What You Already Have for Storage
Did you know that 75% of my home uses organizing bins made from boxes I already had, like jewelry boxes, iPhone boxes, and more?   Yep, that's right I save money by using what I already have.   This means I create less waste and I have less product boxes stored away (which by the way, why do people even do that?)

5. A Weekly Clean Up is a Must
For the past 15 years, Thursday has been the day that I vacuum. It's also the day I deep clean the windows, counters, bathrooms, etc.  Because I make this part of my routine, I never fall behind with it.  If something comes up on Thursday, I plan to do it either the day before or a day after.   

So there you have it.  What habits do you notice in people with organized and clean homes?

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  1. Monday are the days I clean the whole house. Then the rest of the week. I just pick it up.



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