5 Shoe Must Haves from Solemates

Thursday, July 2, 2015

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I am a huge fashion-fix junkie so it's no surprise that I consider these 5 products from Solemates MUST HAVES for any woman!


The Original High Heeler - These are great because they prevent your high heels from skinning into the grass.  This is great for photo shoots but also it protects you when walking on surfaces like bricks, grates, wooden decks, and cobblestone.   It also prevents damage to antique floors and woven carpets! They come in 3 sizes and 4 colors and are reusable!

Protect- This spray protects your shoes against water, snow, salt, and stains so it's good to use for any season.  It helps preserve shoes and keep them looking new for longer and it's safe on leather, suede, and fabric.

Freshen - Freshen is made with all natural ingredients and promotes fresh scented shoes.  It also helps freshen your feet everytime you wear your shoes and it's perfect for all types of shoes.  I love the baby powder scent!

Blister Blocker - Obviously, it prevents blisters by minimizing friction on your skin. It's easy to apply and doesn't have a greasy residue.  It's also unscented.  It's so tiny that it can discreetly fit in any clutch!

Buff - Buff quickly shines shoes and keeps them looking new.  It removes obnoxious scuffs and it safe on all colors.  The sponge can even be washed for repeated use!

Which of these products do you need most?  

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