How I Stay Happy, Calm, & Focused

Monday, July 6, 2015

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So lately my life has been completely stressful and hectic with work, blogging, my move, and everything else this Summer.   One thing that has made a difference that I can tell is HCF (Happy, Calm, & Focused).  It's basically a brain supplement that supports naturally feeding your brain's neurotransmitters with F&Q Amino Acids.   This allows you to stay happier, calmer, and focus when you need to get stuff done and survive the day.    The Amino Acids you need are normally found in whole-food proteins such as fish, milk, and cheese.  They work by naturally supporting the increase of the "happy" hormones that your brain makes.  I know for a fact I can't eat the stuff I need everyday to give me the hormones I need so I like that this supplements my diet. 

With everything going on I need to be alert and I don't want to have to worry about a crash from any of those silly energy drinks.  I've noticed a big difference in my ability to focus and get things done at work and I feel much sharper in the brain like I barely even need a to do list because I remember everything right away.  I no longer feel groggy and blah!

And of course I'm always careful what I put in my body so I was happy to learn there are no preservatives, chemicals, calories, sweeteners, gluten, starch, or wheat in the ingredients.  They only use high-quality amino acids in HCF.  It definitely took a couple weeks to really see a difference but I can see it now and feel it. 

If you take HCF you should follow the instructions including the part about taking it on an empty stomach which allows for better absorption.  

I feel so much more in control of my mind and my body now every single day. I  really love HCF and I will continue to take it.

Do you struggle with this stuff?  Will you try HCF?

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