Helping Dogs Adjust to A New Home

Thursday, July 30, 2015

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Well it's no secret that I moved in June, and while my 4 chihuahuas seem to love their house - the first week was a bit rough.  There were times when they would become stressed and confused from all the boxes, new purchases, and appliances being set up and installed.  So here are a few ways I made them feel more at home. 

1| Treats!
Of course, every dog loves treats so I made sure to give them treats that would occupy their time and their brains so that it took the focus away from the confusion of the new house.  Chewy has these awesome bully sticks from I and Love and You.  They are actually free range so that means the cattle they come from is grass fed and there is no use of antibiotics or added hormones.  These are great to keep your dog busy when you need to get stuff done. They even support joint health and oral health!

2 | Exercise
To help get them used to their new territory I immediately took them on walks so they could get used to the area and the smells and I also let them run around outside so they got familiar with the yard.   Plus, exercise is a great stress reliever and it left them pooped at night so they fell right to bed. 

3 | Unpack them ASAP
I made sure that their beds, pee pads, bowls, and toys were unpacked and in place before they even arrived at the new house. That way they don't have to get used to where there stuff is and then I decide to move it and they have to get used to it all over again. 

It's been over a month now and they are very much settled in and happier than I've ever seen them!

What have you done to help your pets adjust quickly? 

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  1. My friends JUST moved last weekend and said their dog hasn't been sleeping since they got into the new house - it's a really big adjustment! Treats always help though :)

    1. Aww mine were like that too. its quite an adjustment especially bc they cant really comprehend whats going on. poor things!

  2. great tips


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