Fun Things to Do Around the House to Prepare for Fall

Monday, September 21, 2015

I don't know about you but Fall is my favorite season!!!    I have some things I like to do each year around this time to help prepare for Fall so I figured I'd share my list.

|1| Plant Mums
Mums are my favorite flower so I always prep my garden and clean it up. This year I'm planting them for the first time so I had a lot of weeding to do and I had to make sure the soil was ready.  So if you already have mums in your garden and you don't need to plant more just make sure your garden is cleane dup.

|2| Washing Floor Mats
There was a lot of traffic over the summer from entertaining every weekend so nows a good time for me to throw our floor mats in the washing machine. Make sure you hang them to dry!  I even wash the bath mats!

|3| Deep Clean Your Car
Remove everything from your car, vaccuum, reorganize before putting things away, clean the interior dash, and give the outside of your car a good wash and a wax!  It's not terribly hot out this time of year so you don't have an excuse not to!  Also check your tire pressure and make sure your oil doesn't need changed. 

|4| Decorate for Fall
I like to put a hay bale and pumpkins near my front porch usually around October 1st.

|5| Deep Clean Your Kitchen
Now is the perfect time for cleaning out the refrigerator, checking expiration dates, and actually washing the drawers and shelves.  I also clean out the microwave, oven, and the stove top.  It's always a good idea to clean high and low too so don't be afraid to dust on top of the fridge or any cabinets. 
|6| Break Out Your Fall Wardrobe
As long as the weather is starting to really change, it's safe to break out the fall items you may have stored away.  It's also safe to put certain summer clothing like shorts, summer dresses, and bathing suits away. Make sure you wash all your clothing that you plan to store. 

What are some things you do around this time of year?

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  1. I just deep cleaned my pantry and cleaned out my kids clothes. I feel very accomplished this week. Confessions of an Ex-Ballerina

  2. I'm looking forward to busting out some fall clothes :) It's still a bit warm here for that, but it's getting there! Can't wait for boots again.

  3. UGH i wish I liked cleaning.. but i did clean out my pantry last weekend. Love that fall is here, but technically it isn't in CA, holy hot! LOL Love the post hun!

    Xo Chelsea

    1. ah so you must be getting a big tease from all the east coasters posting the fall photos lol!

  4. Deep cleaning the apartment is a must for me and of course changing my wardrobe from summer to fall! Hugs!

    1. yes thats a nother big thing to do!! i have to do that soon actually

  5. Man I have a lot of fall cleaning I need to do. My car is a hot mess, and don't even get me started on the rest of my apartment.

    Morgan |

  6. I really want to plant some mums this year- they're always so pretty in the fall!

    Le Stylo Rouge

  7. I never thought about planting mums but the are fall colours! Deep cleaning your car is a big one, no one wants to do it mid-winter when the temps are ridiculously low!!

    Emmett - Hippie Lace

    1. exactly. might as well do it now while it's still humanly possible lol

  8. Love mums; no yard right now, so potted it is! Deep-cleaning the fridge is a great idea (and something that needs to happen more often around here lol). A good purge and packing up summer whites is always at the top of my fall to-do list.

    1. yes the fridge cleaning needs to happen more often in my home haha oops!


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