What Does A Blogger Do?

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

It's very hard to answer that question unless you know what kind of blogger you're talking about. There are several kinds of bloggers such as review/giveaway bloggers, fashion bloggers, food bloggers, event bloggers, life story bloggers, and many many more.  I consider myself an everything blogger because I do a little of each of those things.  So this question has many components in it's answer.  

The below is a list of things that bloggers (like me) do on a weekly basis.  

|1| Research & Emails
If you ever see me reading a magazine, just know that I always have a piece of paper and pencil nearby because magazines are a great way to find brands to reach out to for collaborations on your blog.  When bloggers aren't researching brands they are responding to or writing emails.  Emails that need to be filed away by category or whether they need follow up or not.  In the time it takes me to do an evening workout I can have 10 emails come through! Ahhh!

|2| Photos
Not only do we have to stage and set up areas for photos but we have to spend hours each week setting up lighting, backdrops, etc. for pretty photos to impress you on Instagram.  No you can't just take a photo of your food. It has to be the right angle, lighting, time of day, etc.   And once you take the photos on your nice camera, you have to edit them which can take plenty of time in itself.

|3|  Editorial Calendars and Spreadsheets
When a company sends us an item for review on our blog, most of us have to log it in (I keep track of companies that say they are sending something because if they forget then I can follow up) and set a date for the post to go live. Then we usually touch base with the company and let them know what date it is going up.

|4| Tracking Income
Yep, just like a real business.  Everything gets tracked, saved, filed, and monitored. It's actually A LOT of work especially when you try to keep your blog income separate from your main income.

|5| Writing Posts
First of all, you have to wait till inspiration hits you and when it does you need to be able to sit down and slam an entire post out. Then read it again and again to edit it. Then format it, add pictures, and schedule social media shares.

|6| Sponsored Posts
I love when people say "So they send you a product and then you just write about it?". Yeah, we wish. Realistically there are times when you have to visit a store to take in store photos, and then stage the product for photos when you get home.  For sponsored posts there is almost always a list of required points you need to cover and links you need to include.

|7| OOTD Photos
If you are a fashion blogger, this is a huge ordeal if you work full time. Coming home, putting makeup on, doing your hair, getting the perfect photos OR spending an entire day taking multiple outfit photos.  It's exhausting.   You not only have to plan out the outfits and the accessories but you need to take tons of photos each time.

|8| Social Media
Ahhhh the biggest timesucker - SOCIAL MEDIA!   On a near daily basis we have to get on and interact and respond to comments on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and Google +.   We also have to get on and look at everyone else's posts and comment and interact. It helps boost traffic and get followers when you are more social on these channels.
|9| Reading Other Blogs
Yep, we read other blogs.  It's how we get inspired, find blogger friends, and stay entertained ourselves.

|10| Blog Comments
When you comment on a blog, any good blogger will read that comment and respond.   It takes some time but we do our best!

What? You thought it was easy?

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  1. all of these are so true! i can't stand when i get told, "oh blogging looks so easy." HA! if they only knew.

    1. I can tell by the look in people's eyes when I say oh yea i stay really busy blogging that they are already associating blogging with sitting at home and just typing opinions on a website lol. garrrrrr

  2. All very true! And this is a question that we all get so often! Cute post.

    Sara Kate Styling

  3. I get asked this all of the time! So you're a blogger, what exactly do you do? The outfit photos and editing while working full time is so true. I honestly always say my blog is full time because even if I go places, most likely I'm going there for blogging purposes. Like that cheese farm, it went up on the blog I took about 300 photos and had to pick enough for my blog.

    and yes, you meet blogger friends aka blogger besties <3


    1. I hate the "must be nice" followed by "hey why dont u blog me a new phone". it doesnt work like that dude.

      Love you bestie!

  4. I am in love with this! So spot on Ellen, it takes so much time. Even though John takes my photos, he doesn't understand the time it takes to do all of the work. Obv, nor do my friends. Glad we get one another. XO

    XO Chelsea http://www.shesaidhesaidfashion.com/

    1. I know.... literally no one can understand as well as a blogger can :)

  5. Love this! I think blogging is so much more time consuming than most people would think it is.

  6. I've just started and I didn't realize just how long it takes to take pictures, edit, and post! Not to mention all of the other things you've listed. Great post!

    1. yea it definitely is a lot more work than most people think it is.

  7. Got that right...easy? I think NOT!! I would just add that these are things that I have to do nearly EVERY DAY...and often MULTIPLE times per day! And...multiply that by TWO blogs...TWO twitter accounts, THREE facebook accounts. It never ends.

    1. i can barely even keep up with my social media lol. by the time i get home from work at 4 im exhausted so i generally stay off blogging, other blogs, and social media unless its my personal facebook page for pleasure. :)


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