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Tuesday, September 29, 2015

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I've tried Yoga many times and it just isn't my thing to follow something like that with an instructor. So now I just try to do it on my own and it seems to have more of an effect on me.   Of course you need to wear something very comfortable if you're going to be stretching and twisting and moving your body. 

I am obsessed with this Tank from Yoga Smoga.   It's basically a sports bra (which does a great job of giving the girls support) with a top over it.  The front is totally open but because it crisscrosses it overlaps and covers me up.  It's is SOOOOO comfortable and I love wearing it around the house when I'm cleaning or getting lots done.  

And these Momentum Leggings are so comfortable!  They hug my body perfectly and are very breathable.  It's so easy to move around in them and they don't ride up or fall down. They literally stay in place. The hip pockets are perfect too!

Oh and I mentioned this before but just incase you missed it - Talking about ways to stop sweat while I work out and when I'm just hanging out - I love Secret Clinical Strength. I got it free from BzzAgent but I have to say - I have always suffered from stress sweat and this stuff works great.  It has 4x Stress Sweat Protection so no more embarassing moments in a big meeting at the office or when I'm out with friends!

What's your go to outfit for yoga or for doing stuff around the house?  
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  1. Such a cute tank! Cute workout clothes are always motivating (I just need to remind myself of that!) ;)

    1. I know the struggle is so real haha. thanks for stopping by girl!


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