How To Make Music the Soundtrack to Your Life

Thursday, September 3, 2015

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They always say that music is the soundtrack to life but I'm the kind of person who literally wants it to be a soundtrack to my life, playing in the background no matter what I'm doing!   

There are many ways to take music with you but I like to have a hands free way of playing music that doesn't involve me wearing headphones or having to have my cell phone attached to me 24/7.  That's where the Infinity One Portable Speaker comes into play.   I'm going to show you how it can be used in all aspects of your day to day life.

|1| Wake Up
Starting my day with music makes it that much more positive.   It's a great background noise as I get ready for my day and I can choose to listen to songs that make me happy right away.

|2| At the Office
The only way to get through a big workload is for me to have some enjoyable music as I work.  Sometimes I choose relaxing sounds that don't distract me from focusing on the task at hand, but other times I like to have some motivating lyrics to help me keep going through the day.

|3| Break Time
If you can find a nice private spot outside for lunch you can have your Infinity One Portable Speaker right by your side just like I do. It's a nice escape from the workd ay. 

|4| Working Out
What's a good workout without a great soundtrack? This is when you need to use your most exciting playlist to keep you going while you break a sweat! 

|5| Tidying the House
There are plenty of evening chores everyone has to do like cleaning for instance and let me tell you - cleaning is more fun when you can dance along to your favorite tunes.  

Heck you can even walk your dog with the Infinity One Portable Speaker!

|6| Shower Time
Yes, I sing in the shower, and no I'm not ashamed of it. How can I not sing when my favorite playlist of pop music is on?   It definitely makes shower time more fun!

|7| Bed Time
Some people need to fall asleep to music and if you are one of those people like me, it's nice to put a relaxing playlist on to help you fade away to dream land.  

Are you feeling stuck with how much of a music lover you may or may not be?  Well, Infinity has a Sound Style Quiz that should help you figure it all out! I took the quiz and my result was a Sonic Sophisticate.  So true because I'd rather hear music than people talking whenever I'm on a long road trip!

You can buy an Infinity One Portable Speaker on the Infinity website here.

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  1. For me it simply isn't worth cleaning if I can't rock out to my favorite tunes! I turn chores into a dance party and I know this speaker would really bring the party to every room in my home! #client

    1. lets just say i was singing into a brush ... i was that excited about this speaker haha

  2. There's something about music that can totally change your mood!! I love listening to music when I'm taking a drive or working. Any kind of mindless cardio needs some serious upbeat music too for sure!

    1. yes i sooo need music when i do my cardio too :) thanks for commenting Lauren! means a lot!

  3. I think it's cool that it has up to 10 hrs battery life


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