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Friday, September 11, 2015

So it's been a long long LONG time since I've updated you guys on anything really.....

|Outfit Photos or Lack Thereof|
Yes, I know I've barely taken any outfit photos.  That's mainly because I am not happy with the way I look lately plus I can't stand being outside trying to pose for photos when it's humid, sticky, and gnats are flying at my face.  I am working on that though for Fall and Winter so I will definitely have some posts up!   But yes about my body......Earlier this year someone (I will never reveal who it was) that I don't see often, saw me and asked me if I was pregnant.  REALLY?!    It was a man, lol, needless to say.   That should have been the turning point for me but it wasn't, although I did bawl like a baby for days and days.   Once I moved into my new house it became more possible to actually do things to work on my nutrition and fitness needs.  Which leads me to my next few points...

|Let's Cook|
I am a cooking machine lately.   I am trying new recipes and making up some of my own.  I used to think I hated cooking.  And then when I had my own kitchen and my own house I realized it's so easy and fun.   I think that's what held me back all these years because the only other time I had a place where I was free to do whatever in the kitchen was my apartment but that was when I was 22. I cared more about drinking than cooking back then.    I guess it's never too late to start eh?   So yea, I cook a lot and I post it all on Instagram so be sure to follow along!  

|Meal Planning|
Along with that, I started doing meal planning and I use my own DIY planner inspired by Blissful and Domestic! I know, I could easily buy a premade meal planner but I've tried that before even with a fitness journal and I just don't take it as seriously as I do if it's something I made myself.   I think I take more pride in it when I write it all out and create the calendar.  I love meal planning now. I've only been doing it for like 2 weeks and I'm afraid it might be difficult to keep up with the expenses for fresh produce and stuff but we will see.

Well for the first time I may have found a schedule I can stick to. I used to try to exercise almost everyday. The problem with that was that the second I was too sore I would skip a day or two and then lose my routine. So now I'm comitted to working out 3 days a week.   And instead of doing the same workout each time and getting bored with it quickly (another reason I stopped exercising), I have decided to do 3 different ones.   Saturday or Sunday I usually do this brutal kettlebell workout,  Tuesday I do Abs with this or this video, and Thursday I do this video.

Oh and it also helps that we have a home gym area in our basement!   YAY!!!!!!!

Yes, Hell hath frozen over. I'm considering growing some of my own veggies. Any tips?   I'm in Pennsylvania so I'll have to start in the spring but I'd like to grow my own cucumbers, herbs, and tomatoes.

|New Product|
I tried out a new product - Secret Clinical Strength Antiperspirant that I got for free as a BZZAgent and honestly it does a great job with my sweaty self.  I always have issues with sweating so this helps get rid of the embarassment and it lasts so long! 

So anyways that's what I'm up to lately. What are you guys up to?

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  1. Woot woot! Looks like things are coming together for you now that you're all settled in your new home which by the way, congrats! I'm also trying to get better about working out consistently by getting an hour earlier every morning to work out. I used to schedule my workouts for the evening but it would never get done because I would be pooped from my 9-5 and not want to do anything when I got home. So far, mornings have been much better and I agree, switching up what you do is a great way to not get bored with working out :)

    1. i may have to try mornings although i am exhausted then too haha. thank you for the support girl :)

  2. well you are NOT fat!!!
    And...I LOVE to cook too and this weekend I am cooking like a freak for Rosh Hashanah. I also often post my photos on Instagram of things I make and facebook too!

    1. aww well thanks :) Im working on my self image i guess. Ooooh cant wait to see ur yum yum photos :)

  3. You're definitely not fat. If anything, that would be me but I don't call myself fat. I hate that term and I am much more than a word :)

    You've been keeping busy which is always awesome. For gardening tips, I recommend spices like basil and dill and the like. They can be indoor or outdoor so you can do some year round and they're awesome to use in the kitchen. If you herbs, I recommend keeping them in separate planters and not just planting them in the ground. Many herbs grow like wildflowers and take over everything.

    1. thank you sooooooo much for the tips girl!!!!!!! i def need to start growing herbs. and thank u so much for the compliment. for the record - i dont think ur fat at all! Ur a sweetheart. i love ur blog. just started following it on GFC!

  4. Do a windowsill kitchen garden now! You can grow herbs all year long!


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