5 Tips to Save Money on Heating Costs in Winter

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Winter is a  cold and dark time of year for most of us so we usually see a spike in our electric bill which can put a damper on our budget.  I put together 5 simple steps that can help you save money on your heating costs until Spring decides to show it's gorgeous face!

[1] Close Blinds at Night
Have you ever put your hand near a window when the blinds are open and you can feel a draft? Well, if you leave your blinds open at night, you're letting the drafts come in so make sure you close them when you're away from home or sleeping.

[2] Let the Light Shine In
You don't have to live in total darkness because on a sunny day, the sunlight coming in through the window can often help warm your home.  So if you notice it's a bright sunny day, go ahead and open some extra blinds throughout your home.

[3] Set Your Thermostat to a Reasonable Temperature
Try to set your thermostat to a reasonable temperature and consider putting on more layers when you're at home.  When you leave the house to go to work, set it even lower, around 4 degrees less.

[4] Seal Your Windows
Make sure any gaps are sealed up and consider using the plastic wrap that you heat with a blowdryer to seal around your windows in the winter.  It actually blocks drafts from coming in!

[5] Pay Attention!
Be mindful of everything you do like leaving doors hang open or not shutting your curtains at night.  Make sure you get into the habit of adjusting your thermostat when possible and start looking carefully at your bill!

What methods do you use to cut costs on heating in the winter?

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  1. After purchasing our home three years ago and spending a winter in it, we decided to add more insulation to northerly walls of the house where cold came through. This winter my husband is wrapping pipes with insulation to help hold in heat of hot water. We also have window curtains that are lined which keeps the cold from the glass from emanating into the rooms. When we use the kitchen oven and are done baking, we leave the oven door ajar so that the oven heat warms the kitchen of our home.... I mean, we paid for the electricity that heated the oven, so we may as well use that leftover heat when done cooking,right? Our home has ceiling fans for cooling in the summertime, but if you reverse the blades in the winter months, it pushes any heat on the ceiling downward into the room. We also have a gas fireplace, and we turn it on for a half hour to an hour each morning to take the chill off the house so that the electric furnace is not over-worked. Also, keep household temps a bit cooler at bedtime and simply throw a second blanket or quilt on the bed. There are many ways to economize if a person simply takes the time to do so... xox... Excellent post, by the way.

    1. thanks for reading :) that sounds like you know what ur doin!!

  2. I always make sure to keep my blinds closed as much as possible during the summer months to help keep the house cool. However, I never considered how letting the light come in during the winter would also help keep it warmer! I'm definitely going to have to be more aware of this to help mitigate heating costs this winter. http://www.aspen-heating.ca/en/heating_and_air_conditioning.html


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