How to Properly Care for Your Computer

Monday, February 8, 2016

I have had to get my laptops repaired several times over the years but now that I know what I used to do wrong, I've gone almost a year without having a single issue.  Nothing is scarier than a fried computer when you need to use it for a school project or work deadline.  I wanted to put together some tips so that everyone else can care for their computer whether it's for fun, business, or blogging. 

This is the single most important thing you can do for yourself.  Buy an external hard drive and make a reminder each week to back your photos and files up on this hard drive.  You will be extremely grateful if your computer ever crashes and you lose your files because you will always have a somewhat recent backup on hand.  

[2] Wear Protection
If you have a desktop computer you likely keep it in one place, but if you have a laptop you should consider a keyboard cover and a hard plastic laptop case.  A case helps protect your laptop from little dings and scratches and a keyboard cover helps keep dust, fur, hair, and dead skin cells out. 

[3] Save Money
Each paycheck I put $10 aside into a computer fund.  That way if something ever does go wrong again and I need money for repairs it won't stress me out as much since I'll already have some sitting aside.  This also comes in handy for computer related purchases like software (if you have to redo your hard drive you'll need to re-purchase Microsoft Office). 

[4] Be Mindful of Downloads
I don't download much from the internet even if it's for free.  I don't want to run the risk of spyware and other evil files from getting in my computer.  

[5] Have a Backup Computer
Before you flip out on me and say that it's unreasonable to afford two computers, let me explain.  Some people rely on their computer for everyday work and they  lose money if it's down even just for a day.  If you are a blogger, you likely have deadlines on a day to day basis.  I actually bought a small laptop on sale for $250 last year and while I never use it, I have it available if my main laptop dies or needs repairs.  Sometimes it can take a week to get repairs done especially if your laptop or computer needs sent away so this ensures I'll never have to worry again.  I consider it a very wise investment.  

[6] Keep it Clean
Not only should you wipe down the outside, screen, and keypad from time to time but you should go through your files and delete anything you don't need.  Clear your browser history and empty your recycle bin often.  

[7] Keep it Updated
When you receive notifications of software updates make sure you download them so you are always using the most up to date items on your computer. 

[8] Be Careful Where You Use It
Sitting in bed is a great way to be lazy but still get your work done, but there's a lot of hair, fur, and dust from your bed that can get in your laptop.  Use a lap desk when possible and when you aren't using your laptop sit it in on a clean, hard surface like on a table rather than the floor, a chair, or a bed. 

What tips do you have for taking care of a computer so it lasts a long time? 

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  1. love the idea of having a computer fund.


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