My Post-KonMari Closet & Dresser

Friday, February 12, 2016

If you've been following my social media channels the past few weeks you have surely seen my photos of my post-KonMari home.   Each day I upload one photo from my home, sometimes it's a drawer or a closet, but all of them show how the KonMari Method has changed my life.   

If you haven't heard of the KonMari Method it's an amazing process of tidying every aspect of your life to keep only what is practical and what brings you joy.  It was created by Marie Kondo and she details it in her books  The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up and Spark Joy

I wanted to make sure those that don't follow me on social media can still see the amazing way my life has been changed thanks to this method so I'm going to share it each week.   This week is my closet and dresser, showing how my clothing sparks joy because I can see what I own and choose from all of the items I love most.

The KonMari Method has changed my life especially since buying a house. Here are all the cardigans, sweaters, vests, and sleeveless/short sleeve shirts I own on the left side of my closet. There are also a few dresses that you can't see because of the angle. By keeping only the ones that made me feel joy, I now find it easier to go through and choose an outfit. I also hung the few scarves I have.

Here are all of the long sleeve and 3/4 sleeve tops, sweaters, jackets, and tunics I kept after the KonMari Method of tidying. I have plenty of space to hang my outfits for the week and I made closet dividers for each day of the week. I still have plenty of outfit options without the hassle of always having to push past clothes to get to what I want. I literally open my closet and look at what I have and pull out what I want out. I can see EVERYTHING.

 Per Marie Kondo, socks should be folded and stored standing up rather than bunched into balls. Surprisingly when I began using her method, all of my socks fit neatly in my small drawer!

I used to have so many pajamas until I started the Konmari Method and realized that not only did I not wear most of them but the reason for that was because they didn't bring me joy. Now I have so little in my pajama drawer that I made a section for my bras as well!

I have a drawer now for my swimwear, compression socks, leggings, and t-shirts. These all used to be in different drawers but since folding with the KonMari Method, they all fit in one drawer!

I used to have 20 pairs of jeans. I didn't wear them all nor did I like them all. I now have 6. I had so much free space in this jean drawer that I now use it for my belts and even my nail polish bin.

 My fitness clothing fits in one drawer (my lounge shirts with long sleeves are in the closet) and I have 3 sports bras that go in here but they were all in the wash.  The KonMari Method helped me keep only what I really love.

I used to have three bins of shoes that wouldn't fit in my main closet year round. I went through pair by pair and kept only the ones that bring me joy, including a pair or two for yard work, because my house and yard bring me joy so it's important to maintain them. Now every pair of shoes I own fits in my closet and some of my favorites can be displayed on shelves.

So here it is - my post-KonMari closet!

My makeup fits in my acrylic drawers and my decorative cases now!

Hairbrushes, bobby pins, headbands, and hair ties all in the drawer of my vanity. I had a lot of random hair accessories that I never ever used because they didn't truly bring me joy.

My necklaces are displayed in a way that brings me joy anytime I look at them. Some of my nicer, daintier jewelry items are kept in my jewelry box.

Since I only kept what brings me joy, I have plenty of ways to display my bracelets and since I love deer decor... Well it's self explanatory.

Stay tuned next week to see even more!

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