Fixing Your Finances | 5 Things You'll Learn from the Book

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

So in case you haven't seen my multiple posts about my new book last week, it's finally here! Fixing Your Finances is available for purchase.   But why should you buy it and what will you take away from it? Well...

[1] Your Current Situation
This book will show you how to gather all the necessary bills and receipts to evaluate where you stand with your income, your expenses, and your overall spending habits.  Most of us have an idea what are finances look like but this book will have you get an in-depth look so you know how to move forward. 

[2] A New Situation
After you know where you stand, this book will walk you through the process of establishing better spending, saving, and shopping habits that will still let you enjoy life but in a more reasonable way. 

[3] Becoming Debt Free
Nobody wants debt.  This book will guide you through the process of establishing a plan to pay down your debt while still enjoying life and being able to spend money on certain things. 

[4] Cash Spending System
In my book, I will walk you through how to create and use a cash spending system which will help you make better shopping and spending choices. 

[5] Lifestyle Changes
Most people don't embrace the thought of drastic lifestyle changes and that's totally fine.  This book will give you some ways to make small changes in your life without sacrificing your overall happiness.

You can purchase Fixing Your Finances on Amazon for just $11.99!

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