My Post-KonMari Office

Thursday, February 18, 2016

If you've been following my social media channels the past few weeks you have surely seen my photos of my post-KonMari home.   Each day I upload one photo from my home, sometimes it's a drawer or a closet, but all of them show how the KonMari Method has changed my life.   

If you haven't heard of the KonMari Method it's an amazing process of tidying every aspect of your life to keep only what is practical and what brings you joy.  It was created by Marie Kondo and she details it in her books  The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up and Spark Joy

I wanted to make sure those that don't follow me on social media can still see the amazing way my life has been changed thanks to this method so I'm going to share it each week.   This week I'm featuring my office drawers.  I used to have A LOT of storage drawers in my office but now I only have 7. I have 2 sets of drawers on wheels, with each having 3 drawers and I have one standalone drawer for my camera accessories.

This drawer holds my camera accessories like my cleaning equipment, lenses, cords, and chargers.  I went through one by one for each item and asked myself if everything either sparked joy or was necessary to keep. 

 Obviously I have some clothing for my chihuahuas and I use the office as storage for pet supplies so I went through each article of clothing and kept the ones that my dogs enjoy wearing and the ones that spark joy for me.  I kept a few baby shirts from each dog. 
  This is where some excess dog supplies goes - an e-collar for after surgeryies, a heat back, and extra water bottle for my rat, Rocky and Pixie's collars, an extra leash, and a travel water dish. 
  This drawer is for electronics that are used often like thumb drives, a calculator, screen cleaning cloths, and chargers for my Kindle, Fitbit, and my external hard drive. 
 The manuals and warranties for everything currently in our home are stored in plastic boxes which make it easy to carry to a different part of the house if we need to. I made sure to go through and only keep the ones for items we currently own and things that are important.  There were some that were basically instructions for putting together furniture and I'll never have to put that furniture together again so there's no need to keep it.  Also, a lot of manuals can be found online which means I don't need to hang on to them physically.
  This is my Filofax drawer that holds everything I use to embellish my planner.  I kept my favorite washi tapes and made everything easy to see when I open the drawer.
  All of my writing utensils go in one drawer.  They are organized by type - markers, highlighters, pens, pencils, and dry erase board markers.
 This is my craft and office supply drawer that contains my label makers, excess office supplies, sand for filling jars, and other accessories. 
  This drawer is full of headphones, external cell phone batteries, outlets, and extension cords. I only kept what I would need. 

This last drawer contains cards. Some are blank and will be sent out when necessary and others are cards that I have received over the years.   I went through each card, one at a time, to determine which ones bring me joy. I still kept the most meaningful ones!

Stay tuned next week when I show you some more of my post-Konmari home.

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  1. I keep hearing about Marie Kondo - I really need to read her books and implement this method in my own home! So great to see how you've organized everything, thank you.

    1. you def need to get the books asap! it will change your life!

  2. All I can say is WOW!! I love all this organization! You inspire me to get my butt in gear, lady!


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