The Importance of Good Oral Health in Dogs

Thursday, February 11, 2016

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February is National Pet Oral Health Care Month so to celebrate, I wanted to highlight a few reasons why it's super important to take care of your dog's teeth. 

[1] Oral Health is Connected to Heart Health
That's right, our hearts are connected to our oral health so it's very risky to let rotten teeth or abscesses go ignored in both dogs and humans.   

[2] Better Breath
When your teeth are dirty, your breath can stink! Taking care of your dog's teeth ensures that you can get doggy kisses without the stinky whiff of air that comes from bad oral health. 

[3] Good Teeth
Dogs need their teeth to chew their food so caring for their oral hygiene ensures they will have their teeth for a long time and won't need to stick to a soft food diet.

So how should you begin to care more for your dog's teeth? Well, there are a few ways! 

[1] Brush Their Teeth
Each week you should use a small finger brush to rub some doggy toothpaste in their mouth.  Even if you don't touch every tooth, that's okay because when they lick and swish it around it will help clean their whole mouth.  

[2] Dental Cleanings
At least once in their lifetime, each of my dogs gets their teeth professionally cleaned by our vet.  They also extract any teeth that are causing issues and they make sure to leave a fresh mouth.  It may be expensive but it's very important. 

[3] Dental Bones
In between meals and brushing, you can always offer your pooch dental bones, like Blue Buffalo All Natural Bones from Chewy.  They are made from all natural ingredients and contain no by-products! They are highly digestible and help cater to your dog's natural urge to chew.   My babies go crazy over these!

How are you going to be more attentive to your dog's oral health needs?

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  1. great info for dog owners

  2. Your pups are just too cute!!! I just want to pick them up and cuddle them!!

    1. aww thank u! yea its hard to leave the house for work everyday lol i wanna stay and cuddle them forever


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