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Friday, February 19, 2016

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February is the month for love but I hear so many peopel say how much they "hate" their hair.   There's no reason to hate your hair - it's beautiful, it can help you dress up or down, and it keeps your head warm.  So why neglect it and abuse it? 

So here are a few ways to love your hair more this month.

[1] Use Less Heat
Try letting your hair air dry naturally and only use a flat iron when absolutely necessary.  Over drying your hair can cause breakage and frizz.

[2] Protect it from Elements
The sun can be taxing on your skin AND your hair.  It can make your color fade and it can try out your strands.  The sun isn't the only element that fries your hair.  Coloring your hair, especially when you lighten it is so hard on your hair and people that lighten it year after year often suffer from breakage and can't grow their hair out.  

[3] Wash Less
Rinsing your hair in the shower is fine, but using shampoo every time can dry out your hair so try to go longer between shampoos.  In the meantime you can use dry shampoo to soak up and oil so it looks like you have washed your hair more recently.

[4] Use a Treatment
It's important to do something extra for your hair each week.  That's why I love my hair with VO5’s Hot Oil Therapy, which is a once weekly treatment that only takes one minute.  It has a 5-vitamin protein rich formula which helps restore shine, strength, and softness.  You just apply it to hair right before shampooing and then rinse it out.  It leaves my hair so luscious.

One of you lucky people is going to win VO5's Hot Oil Therapy for yourself!

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