A Doggie Stocking Stuffer Gift Guide (+ Giveaway)

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

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Whether you're like me and have dogs as kids, or you have both children and dogs, you may like to give your dogs stocking stuffers every year.  It's one of the highlights of Christmas for me.  I love finding goodies to put in their individual stockings.

The challenging part is making sure it's products that I consider safe for my babies to enjoy.  So without further ado I put together a stocking stuffer gift guide from my pups to yours! These products are all from SmartBones. 

I love SmartBones chews because they are a healthier alternative to Rawhide and are made with a layor of wholesome veggies including corn, swee potatoes, peas and carrots combined with real chicken.  It's a taste that dogs love.  SmartBones products are completely rawhide-free and highly digestible.  They are also great at keeping dogs occupied because it embraces their natural instinct to chew.  SmartBones are now available in SmartNaturals!   SmartNaturals are available in two varieties - Grass Fed Beef and sweet potatoes or Grass Fed Lamb and rosemary. 

Stuffed Twistsz
Pork Stuffed Twistsz Innovative Chews are exciting for dogs because they have a pork flavor chew surprise in the center.  Chewing on these helps maintain healthy teeth and gums for dogs as well.  There's no fear of these twisting apart and being damaging liekethey were if they were made of actual rawhie.

Smart Chews
Smart Chews are a favorite in my house.  They are adorable little animal shaped chews that are grain-free and have no artificial colors.  The great thing about no dyes means that they won't stain my furniture red or green.  They are vitamin and mineral enhanced and they are a great thing to give my pups whenever I have company over and I want to keep them occupied.

SmartSticks are made with real meat (beef or chicken) and are very easy to digest.  These are a great after dinner reward and it helps embrace the instinct to chew that every dog has.   

SmartNaturals Treats
SmartNaturals Treats come in two flavors - beef and lamb.  They are both 100% natural and contain no corn, wheat, gluten, soy, or fillers.  There's also NO artificial colors or preservatives.   These are great as a training reward or just fun to slip to your dog here and there throughout the day. 

I can't tell you how much my pups love SmartBones.  They are a favorite in our home so it's no surprise that their stockings are stuffed full of them at Christmas!

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And guess what!? We have a giveaway for you today! 

One lucky winner is going to win the Stocking Stuffer Prize Pack  which includes a $25 Visa Gift Card and some SmartBones!
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