How I Track All Aspects of My Health Goals

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

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It's 2016 and I am loving how far we've come with technology especially when it comes to tracking my health goals.   I've always been a firm believer in the idea that tracking things helps you continue achieving your goals but one of the downsides to that is how time consuming it can be.  I tried to keep a fitness journal and a diet journal but I just kept putting off tracking anything because I didn't want to sit down and have to write everything out.  

There are a few aspects of my health that I care A LOT about so it only makes sense that I want to track my progress and work on my goals.  So today I want to show you the 3 most important aspects of my health and how I track them. 

[1] Fitness
I know how important it is to exercise each day, even if it just means moving around more than I sit down.  I work in an office every day of the week so I am sitting in one spot for so long and it makes me feel really guilty because I know I need to be more active.  For me, I don't feel the need to do hardcore workouts and use fancy equipment all the time.  In fact, on most days I'm quite content as long as I'm just up and moving around.  There are tons of different fitness trackers out there so I use one ona  daily basis to see how many steps I get in and how many calories I burn. 

I have set little goals for myself like taking 10,000 steps a day at minimum, and burning 2,500 calories.  I even set a goal that I get up and take at least 250 steps once every hour during the day.  Knowing that I have goals to reach keeps me motivated even if it means I have to take the stairs instead of the elevator when I leave the building after work.

[2] Diet
I'm a creature of habit so I basically eat the same thing everyday for breakfast, lunch, and snacks.  That's just how I've always been.  So logging each and every piece of food I eat doesn't really do much for me especially since it's pretty much the same thing each day.  I've found a great routine of what I eat for breakfast, lunch, and snacks, making sure it's healthy and wholesome and not packed with artificial ingredients. 

The only part where I have struggled is dinner.  So in order to ensure I eat nutritious dinners I have created a meal planner. 
Each week I look through my book of healthy recipes and I choose what I'll prepare for the upcoming week.  I write everything down on the calendar pages and then I use the next week's meals to sit down and create my grocery list.  This way I'm only buying things that I need so I'm not only eating better because I plan it out but I also don't spend money foolishly. 

[3] Oral Health Habits
Of course oral health is a big deal to me.  Not only do I like my teeth and mouth to look fresh and clean but I know that oral health is an important thing for anyone.  I'm sure you're wondering how I could possibly track my oral health habits, right?

Well, the answer is with the NEW Philips Sonicare FlexCare Platinum Connected Sonic Electric Toothbrush.  Thanks to this toothbrush I have access to personalized, real-time feedback through the free Philips Sonicare app.  

This app actually tells me how good of a brusher I am and if I've missed any spots or if I'm applying too much pressure.  It even tells me if I use an excessive scrubbing motion. 

I have tendency to press too hard while I brush so it's nice that I have something to keep me in check! This brush has actually helped me to improve my brushing and now I feel even more confident when it comes to my oral health.

The free app lets me set and track my own daily goals whether it's whiter teet or even healthier gums (it's both!) thanks to personalized coaching and even little tips that help me meet my goals.  I know that I have gum recession on the bottom of my mouth and I get plaque buildup in the back of my mouth so I'm so grateful that I have a way to focus on my trouble areas.  Plus, the Philips Sonicare toothbrush actually gets up to 10x more plaque removal and can give you healthier gums in just 2 weeks. 

You can find the Philips Sonicare FlexCare Platinum Connected Sonic Electric Toothbush at Bed, Bath, and Beyond in the personal care aisle.

So the main point I'm trying to get across in today's post is that tracking your health goals can be really fun if you just find a method that works for you and your specific goals!

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  1. Sonicare makes great toothbrush's.

  2. I need to include that toothbrush on my wishlist. Every time I visit the dentist he says I brush too hard.

    1. I know I'm guilty of that too. It's so hard for me not to!


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