Holiday Shopping Survival Guide

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Tis the season for chaos... traffic, lines, coupons, and money flying out of your bank account so fast you almost lose track of it.

So today's post is going to be a few tips that will help your holiday shopping be a bit easier and less chaotic. 

You can't run around shopping WITHOUT being thirsty.  Make sure you keep water with you or in your car.  Hydration also keeps you happy so you aren't cranky in miserable in the already crappy long line at the registers. I bring Sparkling Ice Essence with me because it has zero calories and it's naturally flavored.  It's sparkling so it's a bit more exciting than your average bottle of water!

Always bring snacks with you because nothing is more stressful than being hungry and cranky while you're out shopping.  Besides, if you stop to get food when you're out you may spend more time and money than you meant to.  I like Go Organically Fruit Snacks because they are certified organic and made from real fruit purees and real fruit juices.  I also enjoy Welch's Fruit Snacks since they are fat free, gluten free, and contain lots of vitamins!  Not to mention they are delicious.   And of course Viki's Granola is made from all natural ingredients and comes in plenty of yummy flavors!

Comfy Clothes
Always wear comfortable clothes when shopping.  You may want to look cute but trust me, those stilettos will be painful before you even make it half way down the mall. I like to wear comfortable lightweight clothing that's easy to change out of in case I have to try things on for myself.  Sometimes I even wear a light coat so that I don't have to lug it around in the mall and get frustrated with having my arms full.

Pack Light
Whenever I go shopping I use a smaller handbag and I only carry what I need. This way you don't have to worry about your 20 pound suitcase of a handbag banging into displays and knocking stuff over. 

Make A List
You don't have to check it twice but you darn well better make one.  It's foolish to go into a store without having an idea of what you want.   So make a list of what people you need to buy for and what gift you would like to get.

Set A Budget
Set a budget based on what you can afford and then stick to it. 

Map Out Your Sales and Trips
Plan out what stores you will go to and in what order. If there are sales make sure you include those in your plan.  If you want to stop at the places with doorbusters you want to hit those stores first, obviously.  If you have coupons have them ready to go when you get in the store so you can grab what you need and make it to the register in a decent amount of time. 

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