How I Give My Hair an At-Home Blowout

Monday, November 28, 2016

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You know why I love my hair salon appointments so much? Well, it's because after I get my color done, and my hair scrubbed, and then it's time to dry out, I always leave with a great blow out and I try to stretch my blowout as many days as I can until I have to watch it again.   There's just something about someone else being able to stand behind you and dry your hair and give it that extra volume so it stays full and shiny for several days.   I had questioned my stylist about how it's done, and she explained it to me so simply.   She said the more I do it, the easier it is.  So for weeks and weeks I began practicing.  It really did get easier over time, not to mention my arms were stronger and able to be held up over my head longer.   

So for today's post I figured I would let you guys know the simple method that works on MY hair. 

#1 Scrub
When I'm in the shower I really scrub my scalp to get all the product build up out of there.  Product build up can really make your hair gunky and greasy.

#2 Rinse
Sometimes I would be in a rush and I wouldn't properly rinse my hair out.  So when I say rinse, I mean really really rinse until your hair is squeaky clean with NO suds left.  I actually turn the water on to cold to help seal the cuticles in the final moments before I step out of the shower.

#3 Towel Dry
After I squeeze my hair out really well I wrap it in a towel and get dressed.  Then I usually dilly dally for 10-15 minutes on my phone until I realize it's that time.... time to dry the hair!

#4 Blot
When I take my towel off I gently blot the hair around my scalp.  I never vigorously rub it with the towel as that can actually damage it.  

#5 Comb and Part
I use a gentle comb to detangle my hair and then I use a fine comb to make my part.

#6 Product
If you use any product you can add some VERY lightly to your hair.  I never add anything near my roots though. 

#7 Dry & Finger Comb
I learned this by watching how my stylist does it, but basically the next thing I do is use the hair dryer around my scalp to dry the roots.  As I do this I use my fingers to move my hair around so that the air can reach all parts of my scalp.  I do this until my roots are left damp.

#8 Clip
This is the part where I clip up the top third of my hair so that it's out of the way I can get to the underside.  

#9 Dry with Round Brush
Now I take a big round brush and I take my hair in sections (about 2-3 inches wide) and hold it out and away from my head with the brush and blow dry it from root to tip.  Sometimes I have to repeat this on the same section of hair a few times.  When you are holding it away from your hair make sure you hold it straight up.   Then blast it with heat right at the root.  This is what gives my hair it's volume so it doesn't just fall flat against my head. 

#10 Repeat on Top Half
Once the entire bottom area of my hair is dried this way I release the clipped up top half an dry it the exact same way in sections.

#11 Flat Iron
Then I clip everything up again and flat iron both halves of my hair. 


This is done in the evening so the next day I am able to wear my hair down.   

The day after that I usually wear my hair half up in a little mini top knot to hide the grease and it keep it from falling flat.  Then that night it's time to do the whole process again.

The major thing to focus on for this process is having a great hair dryer. I use the Gold ‘N Hot Professional 1875 Watt Ionic Ultra-Lightweight Dryer with Tourmaline which costs $39.99 at

 As I said before this process makes my arms so tired so it's a luxury to use this dryer because it's ultra light but it still has a huge output of negative ions to make my hair dryer faster.  It's less damaging in the long run and it leaves my hair shiny and gorgeous! 

Tourmaline conditioning emits negative ions heat to reduce static frizz and seal in moisture. There are 2 speeds and 6 settings for heat. 

So give it a try, be patient, and don't give up.  It really does get easier and easier over time.  Or, next time you're at the salon ask your stylist for some tips and watch her as she does it to your hair.

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  1. So going to have to try this out one day on my hair. I only get a blow out on my hair when I get it cut.


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